Quiz: Quiz: The history, theory and scandals of classical music
Quiz: The history, theory and scandals of classical music
By: Maria Trimarchi
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Did you know Rossini wrote his famous aria, "Di tanti palpiti," in Venice, while waiting on an order of risotto? Or that it's the United States that actually has the most living composers, more than Germany and Russia? And what about Beethoven's Fifth -- was it a political statement? See if you can hit all the right notes in this classical music quiz.

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Which 19th-century Italian composer and violinist was known as "The Devil's Violinist"?
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Which Baroque musician was the first conductor to die from a baton?
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What register are you singing in when you use "head voice"?
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About how many beats per minute is the tempo allegro?
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Which composer of the Classical period is considered both the Father of the Symphony as well as the Father of the String Quartet?
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How big of a hand span did Rachmaninov have?
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What is the first note of a scale called?
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Known for his orchestral compositions and his musicals, which composer died of a brain tumor at the age of 38?
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How many movements are there in a concerto during the Classical period?
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What is the name of a classical song composed for a single singer accompanied by piano, such as Franz Schubert's Der Tod und das Mädchen (Death and the Maiden)?
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Who was not one of the great composers of the First Viennese School?
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Hungarian composer Franz Liszt is considered by many to be the first rock star. What was his fan frenzy known as?
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Who was the first composer of the Romantic Era?
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During what musical era did the harpsichord lose favor to the piano?
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Which airline is known for using George Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue" in its marketing?
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Which is a "walking" tempo?
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Which is not one of the four voices?
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Because of its association with antisemitism and the Nazis, where is Richard Wagner's music unofficially banned?
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What is not part of a dominant seventh chord?
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The opening notes of which composer's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor were used during the opening credits of the 1931 release of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"?
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Which eccentric composer premiered his piece, "Parade," in 1917, prompting a Parisian audience to throw oranges at the orchestra?
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How many notes are in a chromatic scale?
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What was Beethoven charged with when he was picked up by police while out for a walk in Wiener Neustadt, in 1820?
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Who created an estimated 2,000 compositions?
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Which of the following was a nickname for Austrian composer Franz Schubert?
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Which musical composition is known as the "silent piece"?
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