Quiz: Rare Disease Quiz
Rare Disease Quiz
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While each rare disease only affects a small number of people itself, rare diseases as a whole are a serious threat to public health. Learn a little about some diseases that may not get big headlines, but present global problems.

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How many rare diseases are there?
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What is another name for rare diseases?
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When was the last time a rare disease was discovered?
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What are most rare diseases caused by?
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How many genes are in a human cell?
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A third of people with rare diseases take how long to get a diagnosis?
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From 1973 to 1983, how many orphan drugs were developed with government assistance?
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After 1983, how many drugs have been developed?
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Let's jump into some rare diseases to discover more about them. Speaking of jumping, what is the name of one rare disease?
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Some rare diseases are ones you actually might be familiar with. Which is NOT a rare disease?
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While we think of cancer as a common disease, there are many forms of rare cancers. What is one?
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What cuddly acronym is given to a very not-cuddly rare disease?
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What is another rare disease with a provocative name?
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Let's see how good we are at medical terms. What is the clinical name when one of the blood vessels that supplies blood to the brain doesn't develop?
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Some rare diseases affect disparate parts of the body. What is one disease that causes abnormalities in different regions?
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What is one rare disease named, due to an abnormality that gives the iris a "keyhole" appearance?
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Autosomal dominant hyper IgE syndrome (AD-HIES) causes blisters, rashes and scaling of the skin. What was it formerly called?
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Kinky hair disease is now called Menkes disease, but it led to sparse, kinky hair. What caused it?
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It has been speculated that Abraham Lincoln suffered from what rare disease?
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Rapid aging is seen in the rare disease:
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To raise awareness about rare diseases, the National Institutes of Health sponsors:
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