Quiz: Rate These Food Duos and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status
Rate These Food Duos and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status
By: Teresa M.
Image: Nick Dolding/ Digital Vision/ Getty Images

About This Quiz

It would be far too easy to guess your relationship status by asking you about your current or former relationships. Instead of wading through gallons of potentially unpleasant memories, we've decided to function on something better than love - food! No matter what is going on in our love lives, food is always there for us. Food has the power to make us smile. And when it's paired with an equally wonderful food, the duos can, in some cases, be better than sex. 

During this quiz, we're going to ask you to give us your opinions on the food duos we put on your virtual plate. If carrots and peas are not your thing, it could indicate that you are not yet ready for something as wholesome as marriage. Then again, it could just mean you don't like peas. We won't base our guess on any one particular food duo. Instead, we'll look at your overall likes and dislikes. 

You might not be looking for someone to be the butter to your jam, or you might have already found the dill to your pickle. Either way, we think your tastes in famous food combos will tell what your relationship status looks like! 

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