Rate These Strange McDonald's Menu Items and We'll Guess Your Age and Gender

Ian Fortey

Japanese McDonald's offers up the Ebi Filet-O Shrimp sandwich made with panko-battered shrimp. Would you ever give it a try?

New Zealand gave the world the Kiwiburger which comes with an egg and a slice of beet. Sound good?

Word is that McDonald's in Taiwan once sold Italian Vanilla flavored Chicken McNuggets. Would you eat that?

You could once get breaded, fried Onion Nuggets as a side at McDonald's. How do those sound?

In Austria, you could get a chicken curry stir-fry McNoodle bowl. But would you?

Fish McBites were fried balls of fish that were discontinued in 2013. Do you wish they'd come back?

In Singapore, they sold the Chicken Curry Breakfast Burger. Picture an Egg McMuffin with a crispy chicken filet on it and curry sauce. Sound good?

In Germany, you can get three bratwurst sausages on a bun with onion and mustard. They call it the McNurnburger. Would you indulge?

Picture a Hot Pocket stuffed with teriyaki chicken. That's a McStuffin! How many would you order?

McSpaghetti used to be at US McDonald's and you can still get it in places like the Philippines. It comes with fried chicken! Want some?

McFlurries are pretty delicious because it's hard to mess up ice cream. Would you try a Pineapple Oreo McFlurry?

Did you ever hear of the Hula Burger? It was a slice of pineapple instead of a beef patty. How does that sound?

The East Coast is where you need to go if you want a McLobster sandwich. Is that something you'd order?

In China, McDonald's topped a burger with bacon and mashed potatoes. How tasty does that sound?

McChocolate Potatoes are fries drizzled with chocolate sauce. What do you think of that?

A Bubblegum Squash McFlurry isn't made with squash - it's bubblegum flavor and marshmallows. Are you in?

The infamous McRib doesn't even have ribs in it, which makes it easier to eat. What do you think of it?

You can get a Coke at any McDonald's but only some have McBeer. Would you partake?

Did you ever try the infamous McPizza?

Canadian McDonald's offered up poutine—fries with gravy and cheese curds. How does that sound?

Everyone knows Chicken McNuggets but have you ever heard of Corn Dog McNuggets?

An Egg McMuffin is the standard breakfast but there used to be an Eggs Benedict McMuffin with a Hollandaise-like sauce. Would you eat it?

Salads aren't unusual but McSalad Shakers were salads served in cups you had to shake up. Worth a try?

The Bacon Mac and Cheese Toastie is a sandwich in China. It's just bacon mac and cheese on a sandwich. Are you down?

Not everyone likes chicken. In Italy, you can get Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets. Do you want some?

In the UK you can get the Bacon Roll. It's bacon and ketchup on a bun. How does that make you feel?

On the McDonald's secret menu you can order the Land, Sea, and Air Burger which is a beef, chicken and fish patty on one bun. Want one?

A McRice Burger was a burger that replaced the bun with patties made of rice. Would you try it?

Every McDonald's has apple pie but Japan has bacon and potato pie. Do you want one?

In Italy, you can get the Sweety. It's a bun full of Nutella. Worth a try?

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About This Quiz

Since there are McDonald's in almost every country around the world, there probably aren't many people who have literally sampled everything McDonald's has to offer. The menu has also been changed so many times since the days when a burger would just cost you a few cents that there are plenty of things we'll never see again. But one thing is consistent all around the world—McDonald's has a lot of food and a lot of it is incredibly popular with their customers. A lot, but not necessarily all.

Like any restaurant, McDonald's will go out on a limb sometimes to offer up some food that's a little different than what you might expect. Something regional, perhaps, that to people elsewhere in the world is extremely unusual. Or sometimes things that are just weird no matter who you are or where you're from. 

A restaurant run by a clown can't be perfect all the time, can it?  But maybe it's good that McDonald's gets a little weird sometimes. Maybe it tells us a bit about ourselves when we like some weird things. Maybe it can tell us a bit about you.  In fact, if you take this quiz about weird McDonald's we'll guess your age and gender!

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