Quiz: React to These Roommate Scenarios and We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign
React to These Roommate Scenarios and We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Much like a romantic relationship compatibly is measured by the stars, your roommate situation should operate much the same! Share the details of your day-to-day living arrangements and the things you love or hate about your roommate, and we'll be able to guess with 99.98% accuracy which zodiac sign you call your own! As we learn more about the way you react, we'll pair you with specific zodiac sign traits to come up with the best results.

Would it make you cringe to see your roommate drinking out of the milk carton, or would you be the one chugging while no one was looking? As you go through this quiz, try to choose the response that you would most likely do in real life. Whether you picture your roommate as a best friend or as a pain in the backside, is completely up to you and your reality. Share you experiences with us, and we are certain we can pinpoint the sign you were born under! 

You may or may not get sick of cleaning all the hair out of the drain, but we're sure you're a good roommate no matter how you choose to react. Knowing your star sign will help you to cope. Let's find out which sign you are! 

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You have come home to find your roommate asleep on the couch. What do you do?

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What would you never share with your roommate?

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Your roommate is getting intimate next door. How do you handle the noise?

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You really need to go to the bathroom and your roommate is in the shower. What do you do?

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Your roommate is two months late with rent. What do you do?

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Your roommate drank and the milk and didn't replace it. How do you react?

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How would you react to finding out that your roommate used your credit card without permission?

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How would you feel about finding out that your roommate used your toothbrush?

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When you order takeout, do you get enough for your roommate?

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If you had a power outage, what would you and your roommate do to pass time?

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Your roommate wants you to move into a swankier place with them. Do you do it?

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Your roommate's snoring is keeping you up at night. How do you handle it?

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