React to These Gen Z Problems and We'll Guess Your Age

Emily Maggrett

Your mom was feeling some kind of way, so she took all the fidget spinners out of your room and donated them to charity. How will you reassert your boundaries???

Some random girls from you school are using TikTok's Duet feature to make fun of your videos. What do you do?

Instagram just caused you to miss your bus or subway stop. Now you're going to be late to work. What will you tell your boss?

Your crush has been leaving you on read lately. How are you finna get the upper hand back?

BREAKING: Snapchat is down. We repeat, Snapchat is down. What are you going to do?

Your grandma says "mood" whenever something terrible happens. What will you do about this?

Let's say you woke up feeling sort of bad. You start getting dressed when you realize that none of your soft pants are clean. HOW WILL YOU WEATHER THIS CRISIS?

You bleached your hair so it can take opal colors. Unfortunately, half of it fell out in the process. What do you do?

Some weird Gen X people accuse you and your generation of "killing" Facebook, malls and football. Your response?

You find out one of your teachers is secretly an ASMR artist. Do you say anything or just enjoy the tingles?

Because of your crush on that one guy at work, your job-related anxiety is getting to be VERY extra. How do you calm down and up your game?

Imagine that your ex won't stop sending you expensive gift baskets full of dope Body Shop products. Do you give them back or keep them?

You're going on a camping trip that will leave you without Wi-Fi for (gulp) three days. What will you do with your hands?

Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers are playing your town soon, but at different venues on the same night! Who will you see?

Let's say you REALLY LIKE someone but their Instagram is set to private so you cannot stal — er, "find out about" them without their knowledge. How will you quench your thirst?

Your sister has been watching too many beauty vloggers and now her eyebrows look INSANE. Do you break it to her gently or nah?

This week, your parents decreed that you are not allowed to listen to Lil Uzi Vert because "they do not like the look of that young man." Obviously you're going to listen to him anyway, but what's your clapback?

You've been DM-ing lately with someone who's big cute. Now they want to meet up. Here's the thing: You're much more confident on social media than IRL. What do you do?

This summer, you have the choice of a prestigious unpaid internship or a paying but boring job. Which one will you pick?

Imagine that you spend a night out with ONE AND ONLY ONE "Riverdale" actor. Who's it going to be?

Let's say someone you know HATES Ariana. Which song will you use to change their mind?

Your parents and grandparents insist on flying all the time, even though it's terrible for the environment. What do you tell them?

It's been a while, but ... do you still miss Vine? What do you do when you want to Vine but cannot Vine?

Imagine that your aunt won't stop saying "yeet" in all the wrong contexts. It's embarrassing. Can you help her or does the mere idea of this kill you dead?

You're in love with a Soundcloud rapper, but you are ALSO a Soundcloud rapper and only one of you is blowing up. (Hint: it's not you.) Can this relationship survive?

Let's say you just accidentally sent a REALLY UNFLATTERING Snap to the wrong person. How can you come back from this?

Imagine that you caught feels for one of the "Riverdale" dads. WHICH ONE IS IT and also is this okay or not okay????

It's not unusual for your BFF to have an annoying boyfriend or girlfriend, but your BFF's new partner is a NIGHTMARE. Do you say something?

After watching "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" twenty times, you're ... bored of it. What are you gonna watch now???

Your dad wants to play Minecraft with you this Friday, but you are secretly tired of Minecraft! However, you love your dad. How can you salvage this situation?

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About This Quiz

People say that being young is easy, but none of those people are actually from Gen Z! For real, though, being young is nice, but in a world where unpaid internships are the norm, global warming is heating up and social media companies invent new and bizarre ways to feel socially anxious every day, it can be hard for Gen Zers to feel blessed. So in this quiz, we're standing up for them!

We've come up with a bunch of common Gen Z problems, from accidentally sending a VERY unflattering Snap to being frustrated with your parents for not being more environmentally friendly. We're also covering job stress, phone etiquette, grandma drama and the dads of "Riverdale."

Whether you're a real Gen Zer or a millennial with a yearning to pass as one, this quiz will make you feel seen. If you're a Xennial, Gen Xer, boomer or member of the Silent Generation, you still could learn something from this quiz (or at least, hear about some new vocabulary words, such as the mysterious "yeet"). So, if you're curious about whether our quiz supercomputer will be able to detect your TRUE AGE, drop whatever boring stuff you're doing right now and get into this quiz! 

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