React to These Harry Potter Situations and We'll Reveal Which Character You Really Are

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How did you feel when Hagrid stored through the door to the spot the Dursley's were hiding from Harry's Hogwarts letters?

Were you clutching your pearls when Ron got knocked off the horse during Wizard chess so Harry could get to the Sorcerer's Stone?

Did you see it coming when Professor Quirrell took off his head wrap to release Voldemort on the other side of his head?

If given the chance, would you have flown the magic car to school if you missed the train?

Would you use the invisibility cloak to roam around the halls at night, like Harry and Ron do, even though it's not allowed?

How many tissues did you need when Dobby was freed?

Did your jaw hit the ground when Scabbers was revealed to be none other than Peter Pettigrew?

In your heart of hearts, did you know that Sirius Black was a good man?

Could you pick up on any of the hints, like Hermione did, that Professor Lupin was a werewolf?

How much did you love Lupin and Tonks' relationship?

Did you think Harry was a no-good scoundrel when his name came out of the Goblet of Fire?

When Hermione entered the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum, what were you feeling?

Were you raging when no one would believe Harry that Voldemort was back after Cedric was killed during the Triwizard Tournament?

Talk about hard to watch, did you have to turn your head away when Umbridge's quill was digging into Harry's skin during detention?

Professor Umbridge was basically the worst. Were you afraid Hogwarts would crumble from all the new rule plaques she was having nailed into the stone?

Feelings toward Dumbledore fluctuated throughout the story, but when he took the fall for Dumbledore's Army, how did you feel?

Did it make you see Snape differently when Harry saw his backstory with his parents?

How did you think things would end after the prophecy was read regarding Harry and Voldemort?

Bellatrix Lestrange using the killing curse on Sirius was a sad moment. What did you think would happen after that?

How stressed out were you when Harry, Ron and Hermione used polyjuice potion to portray workers at the Ministry of Magic?

This moment was left out of the movies, but how triumphant was it when Hermione solved the potion riddle in The Sorcerer's Stone?

We knew Snape was good before the unbreakable curse, but did you see that moment as a step back?

Be honest. Do you still cry every time the students and staff of Hogwarts raise their wands after Dumbledore dies?

How weird was Ron and Lavender's relationship?

When Ron stormed off from the tent while the trio were hiding and looking for horcruxes, did you know he'd come back?

There were a lot of deaths throughout all the books, but which one impacted you the most?

Were you beaming with pride when Mrs. Weasley took on Bellatrix during the Battle of Hogwarts?

When Dobby died, did a part of you die as well?

At the very end when you find out that Harry and Ginny named their son after Dumbledore and Snape, what kind of emotions did that bring on?

How did you feel when you had read the last sentence of the last book for the first time?

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About This Quiz

Harry Potter is one of the most popular and transformative book and movie series of an entire generation. You laughed. You cried. You hated characters and you loved them, and sometimes that was all the same character. What these stories brought to the world was, yes, a little bit of magic, but they brought lessons, too. They taught those who read them to reach for the stars no matter the obstacle, trust your friends because they'll always be there for you, and if an adult is keeping something from you, there might be a good reason. since there were so many books, there was plenty of opportunity to feel a special connection with a particular one.

Maybe you picked the house you felt you belonged in and associated yourself with another member of that house. Maybe you went with one of the dynamic trio, Harry, Ron or Hermione because they were seemingly the ones who were the most important to the story. These characters also find themselves in some pretty serious conversations just as much as they're in situations that celebrate their friendship and accomplishments. Which character are you really? We'll reveal it to you if you react to these Harry Potter situations!

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