React to These TV Shows Set in the South and We'll Guess Which State You Live In

Emily Maggrett

Who's your favorite Southern TV hunk?

You can take a day trip to any fictional small town you'd like. Which one would you choose?

Would you rather hang out with "The Golden Girls" or the gals from "Designing Women"?

In your opinion, who has better hair: Connie Britton in "Nashville" or Timothy Olyphant in "Justified"?

What's the most iconic Southern character accessory of all time?

You want to honeymoon at a Southern resort. Where will you be going?

Let's say you're kicking back with your grandma. Which of these shows will be fun for both of you to watch?

You're sick in bed with a cold. Which Southern soap do you plan on binging?

Which fictional Southern dad do you wish was your real dad?

In a perfect world, which of these canceled country-fried TV shows would you reboot?

Would you rather be mothered by Brett Butler from "Grace Under Fire" or Reba McEntire from "Reba"?

Movies and TV shows set in the South are notorious for featuring actors with fake, corny Southern accents. In your opinion, which of these actors has the worst Southern accent?

Which show's wardrobe department would you love to raid?

If you could solve mysteries with one of these show's crime-fighting teams, which one would you choose?

Of all these Emmy-nominated Southern programs, which one had the best cinematography?

If you could live in any Southern TV show's mansion, which one would you choose?

Which of these Southern leading ladies would you like to take out on the town?

Let's say you can go on a date to any fictional Southern restaurant you want! Where will you be going?

Pop quiz! Which of these Southern expressions are you most likely to use?

In your opinion, which of these shows has the most memorable theme song?

Which Southern TV wildcat would you want by your side in a cat fight?

Who's your favorite Matthew McConaughey character?

You're putting together a squad! Which Southern belle have you got to have on it?

What's your favorite Southern dish?

Which Southern TV show do you totally hate?

Southern TV shows have yielded some of the most exciting villains ever! Which one of these nefarious characters makes your blood boil?

What's the scariest Southern show?

Who's the best Southern TV aunt of all time?

You need to get your tonsils out. Which Southern doctor do you trust to get the job done?

Which of these quotes makes you laugh the most?

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About This Quiz

Could a Texan possibly prefer "Nashville" to "Friday Night Lights"? Does liking "CSI: Miami" better than "The Walking Dead" mean you're not a true Georgian? If you're totally obsessed with "The Vampire Diaries" and "Criminal Minds," should you just go ahead and move to Virginia?

In this quiz, we're asking all those questions and more, in celebration of all the truly great TV shows that have been set below the Mason-Dixon line. Over the years, the South has provided Hollywood writers with a variety of intriguing settings, from the gritty, mysterious Louisiana depicted in David Simon's "Treme" to the classic North Carolina charm embodied by "The Andy Griffith Show." Plus, we haven't even mentioned all the fantastic female-led Southern comedies, such as "Designing Women," "Hart of Dixie" and "Jane the Virgin."

We're curious about which Southern programming really rings your bell. Are you a "Golden Girls" kind of gal, or do you prefer the more cerebral comedy of "Atlanta"? We suspect that your taste in TV might reveal the state that you're currently living in. Want to prove that loving "Justified" and "Outsiders" doesn't mean you live in Kentucky? Stop binge-watching "One Tree Hill" and come play this quiz!

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