Quiz: Real Princess or Disney Princess?
Real Princess or Disney Princess?
By: Staff
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The Disney Princess franchise is big business, easily competing with the fortune power of real-life princesses. But how easy is it to tell the Disney Princesses from their nonfictional counterparts?

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This princess was raised in hiding by a trio of caretakers after threats to her safety came to light shortly following her birth.
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This princess married her prince while swathed in a weighty collection of kimonos.
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This princess didn't know her prince was royalty when she first met him.
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This princess is an accomplished equestrian.
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This princess physically intervened to prevent her father from killing a dashing adventurer who hailed from a distant land.
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This princess was highly renowned for her singing ability.
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This princess was targeted by an attacker, but managed to escape unscathed.
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This princess was married at Westminster Abbey.
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