Quiz: Cars Caught on Camera
Cars Caught on Camera
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Red-light cameras may have saved some lives, but they've also stirred up more controversy than any other traffic control device on the roads to date. Test your red-light camera knowledge with our quiz.

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Americans love their cars -- and their traffic lights…? The car first became popular soon after the turn of last century. How long after that was the first electric traffic light was installed?
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Some people agree with red-light cameras, and others do not. Which states listed below have banned red-light cameras?
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How much did the town of Cary, N.C., allegedly collect in red-light ticket revenue between 2004 and 2009?
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What is the average time of a yellow light?
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If 99 of the country's largest cities would install red-light cameras how many lives could be saved over a five-year period?
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What types of accident do red-light cameras help reduce the most?
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What type of accident do red-light cameras supposedly increase?
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What is the term used for someone who violates a law -- in this case, a traffic law?
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