Quiz: Remember the Titans Quiz
Remember the Titans Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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Sports movies are a dime a dozen, but not all of them bother to take on larger social issues. "Remember the Titans," however, opted to challenge social norms of the '70s. How much do you know about this gusty gridiron movie?

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"Remember the Titans" is a movie about which sport?
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The movie was a major Hollywood production. Who was the star of the show?
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How does Boone, a black man, manage to get a job that's normally reserved for whites?
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How do the white players respond to their new black coach?
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The story involves many race issues. Where does it take place?
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Boone is a head football coach, but he finds himself dealing frequently with which issue?
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The movie had Denzel Washington in the lead role. Who directed?
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After Boone takes over the team, how do the white and black players get along?
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True or false: The movie was filmed at the real high school that inspired the story.
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During the movie, the coach hopes to inspire the team by taking them to which area?
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True or false: The movie was a big hit at the box office.
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Boone holds a successful late summer camp and prepares for his first game as coach. What does a member of the school board tell him?
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What's the team's mascot?
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During one memorable scene, Boone wakes up the team at 3 a.m. and makes them do what?
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Will Patton plays Bill Yoast, the white coach who is relegated to defensive coach instead of being named head coach. Patton was NOT in which movie?
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Why does the chairman of the school board want Boone to fail as head coach?
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What part of the original script was drastically changed during production?
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How do Yoast and Boone get along during the story?
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What happens during the team's semi-final playoff game?
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After the Titans win their first playoff game, their captain is hurt. What happens to him?
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Which actor plays the role of Gerry Bertier?
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In real life, the team headed for football camp. What did the coach make them do?
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The film featured the always-popular Denzel Washington. How many Oscar nominations did it receive?
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True or false: All of the players featured in the film are based on real-life people.
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Yoast is a potential candidate for the Hall of Fame. Why does his lose his chance to it into the Hall?
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Who plays Emma, Gerry's girlfriend?
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True or false: At the end of the movie, the team's unity is tested when they lose the state championship.
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At the end of the movie, all of the coaches and players get back together to do what?
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The real-life team won the state championship. What was the final score of the game?
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