Quiz: Remodel a Bathroom and We'll Guess If You Shower in the Morning or at Night
Remodel a Bathroom and We'll Guess If You Shower in the Morning or at Night
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Let's head down to the home improvement store, gather some supplies and remodel the bathroom into the one you've been dreaming about. Once we get a feel for your style and your need for opulence, or lack thereof, we'll be able to tell if you shower in the morning or if you wait until your day is done! 

While some of us prefer to be fresh when we face the day, others of us prefer to wash off the funk before we hit the hay. No matter what your showering style, the way you design the room that holds all the steamy action will tell us which one you do most often. Your choices will offer clues into your level of being a morning person or your level of wanting the world to go away until noon. Making sure you have a bidet in your new bathroom will tell us more about you than you probably ever wanted us to know, but we are simply going to focus on your showering habits! 

What you do behind your shower curtain is completely your business! All we need you to do is choose some flooring, choose a shower head and tell us what your tub would look like. We'll take the quiz by the reigns from there. 

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How many sinks will you have in your bathroom?

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What kind of flooring are you going to have in your bathroom?

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How much time do you expect to spend in your bathroom each day?

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Which scented candle would you rather have in your bathroom?

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