Quiz: Quiz: Do you know the dirt on how to repair a washing machine?
Quiz: Do you know the dirt on how to repair a washing machine?
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In today's busy households, it's extremely inconvenient if the washing machine breaks. Before you panic at the first sign of trouble and call a technician, take our quiz to see if you can diagnose and fix the problem yourself.

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What is the typical life span of a washing machine?
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What should you always do before working on your washing machine?
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What is the first thing you should do to diagnose a washing machine problem?
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Which liquid can be used to clean a washing machine that has smelly soap buildup?
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What is likely to clog a lid switch and prevent it from opening?
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What regulates the water temperature in your washing machine?
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A defective water level control switch can cause what messy problem?
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How many washing machine operations does the timer control?
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If your washer fills slowly or not at all, which part could be faulty?
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What typically reliable part of your washing machine is likely to make a lot of noise when there is a problem?
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What's the first step in replacing your washing machine's agitator?
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What can cause your washing machine to vibrate a lot?
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What can cause your washer's tub to suddenly stop?
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Which of the following is a sign that your washer's water pump is broken?
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What happens when the drive belt of your washer wears out?
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How are pulleys attached to shafts in your washer?
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