The Ultimate Repairing a Small Engine Quiz
by Staff

When the average person thinks of an engine, often the first thing that comes to mind is a car or truck engine. Something large, powerful, and complicated. However, the most common type of engine you will find are small engines, and whether you know it or not, they are everywhere. For example, that snow blower or lawn mower you just pulled from the garage is powered by a small engine. But would you know the first step you take when attempting to repair that engine?

Machines such as leaf blowers and lawn mowers are powered by small engines to clean up the yard. The same goes for your roto-tiller that helps to prepare your garden in the spring, as well as more powerful equipment such as small motorcycles, your fishing boat motor, and even a snowmobile have small engines.

Being able to repair an engine on the go saves you a lot of money and in many cases time. But how much do you really know about small engine repair? Do you know what a "choke" is? Or, how about a "fuel stabilizer?" What happened if your governor is adjusted incorrectly? And how much do you know about the temperature and viscosity of engine lubricants?

Think you know enough to keep your garage machines running? Take this quiz and impress yourself and others with your engine repair knowledge!

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