Quiz: The Ultimate Replace or Repair Washing Machine Quiz
The Ultimate Replace or Repair Washing Machine Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Why is it that your washing machine seems to malfunction at the worst possible time? When that happens, should you repair or replace it?

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If your washing machine goes on the fritz while it is still under warranty, how much will the repair cost?
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If the repair will cost 50 percent or more of the original cost of your machine, should you repair or replace?
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Why should you repair a machine with faulty belts or pulleys?
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What is a possible do-it-yourself repair?
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How much less energy and water do Energy Star washers use?
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What is the average expected life of a washing machine?
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What is a benefit of replacing older models?
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Where do the old washing machines go?
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What does Consumer Reports recommend you do with an eight-year-old washing machine?
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What model is a popular low-water washing machine?
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How does the price of front-loading low-water washing machines compare to conventional washing machines?
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Who is qualified to repair a washing machine pump?
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Which are components of a washing machine?
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If you have a cracked tub, should you repair or replace your washing machine?
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How do you know if your warranty is in effect?
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What should you do after purchasing a new washer?
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What would simplify the decision to replace or repair a washing machine?
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If the warranty has expired, how much of the repair cost must you shoulder?
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Do you need to replace your washer and dryer at the same time?
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