Quiz: Respond to These Random Questions and We'll Guess If You're Still a Virgin
Respond to These Random Questions and We'll Guess If You're Still a Virgin
By: Haiden Steingass
Image: Compassionate Eye Foundation/Hero Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

These days, virgins are a rare breed. Virginity is often depicted in movies as a coming-of-age or rite of passage. Films like "40 Year Old Virgin," "American Pie," and "Blockers" show the bewilderment of understanding virginity, as well as the rush people feel to get the first time over with. But hey, even the lead man on ABC's "The Bachelor" is a reported virgin. 

And while movies and television shows make light of virginity in a lot of ways, it is a serious and sensitive subject to many people. Those hanging onto their virginity may be doing so for religious reasons, and therefore not willing to compromise when it comes to having sex. Others, however, never wanted to remain a virgin and had sex as soon as the opportunity presented itself at a young age. So, are you 40 and still waiting to do "the dirty" for the first time, or did the virginity ship sail a long time ago? Whatever your situation is, we know exactly how to spot a virgin. Answer these totally random questions, and we'll guess whether or not you are still a virgin. 

PS: If you don't want anyone to know, don't take this quiz in public. 

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