Respond to These Innuendos and We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With

Teresa M.

How old were you when you first popped the cork?

Would you like to toss anyone's salad?

Are you good at manning the ship?

Fill in the blank: Is that a ____________ in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Have you ever pulled the pork?

Do you like to rock the boat?

Are you good at packing meat?

Would you like a banana in your fruit salad?

Have you ever hit a home run?

Do you enjoy visiting the downtown area?

What would you like to put in a muffin?

Do you know any hummers?

Does Lebron James really needs to work on his ball handling?

Have you ever searched for booty?

Have you ever used a teabag twice?

Have you heard about the band that was banging all night?

Do you always penetrate the truth?

Have you ever hit a hole-in-one?

Have you had a good stroke of luck?

Do you enjoy giving the dog a bone?

Would you like to lick a lollipop?

If someone said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against them?

Do you like your hot dogs in a bun?

Are beavers your favorite animals?

Are you a master debater?

How often do you practice loving yourself?

What does an elephant have that a woman only has two of?

How do you compensate for your shortcomings?

Do you always butter your own biscuits?

When is the last time a landscaper came to clean your bush?

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Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

Your legs must be tired because you've been running through our heads all day. While some of you can claim virginal status, others of you have been downtown, so to speak, more times than you want anyone to know. You shouldn't feel any shame about the number of people you've partnered with for the horizontal hula, though!

During this quiz, we are going to throw a little cheeky language your way to see your response. The way you respond to our naughty questions, cheesy pickup lines and innuendos will allow our expert eyes to hone in on your antics in the bedroom. We promise to keep your answers between the two of us, but you have to respond as genuinely as you would in real life; the only way to make sure we get it right is to know you inside and out. What? Too much?

The way you handle yourself in the face of innuendo is a direct reflection of your intimate roster. If the things we ask make you blush, you might be on the lower side of the scale. If we make you laugh, well, you know. Let's see how far you've gone!

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