Respond to These Prompts and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Car

Zoe Samuel

How would you handle getting boxed into a parking spot, when you're in a rush?

What do you do when you're stuck in a totally still traffic jam?

How do you adjust your seating position when you're going to be on a highway for a very long time?

What game, if any, do you play when you're on a long drive with friends or family?

How do you keep clear of speed traps?

What kind of road would you drive on for pleasure?

What kind of driving weather do you find relaxing?

How often do you change or rotate your tires?

Given the choice of many kinds of rental cars, which style would you pick?

What would you do if the person ahead of you at a red light didn't respond to the light turning green?

How would you react if you were driving in a hurry, and it turned out the street your GPS put you on is blocked by construction and now you have to drive an extra half hour?

What would you do if you suddenly realized that you were alone on the road on a major interstate?

If you were changing a tire on the side of the road and lost all the lugs to put the wheel on, what would you do?

Imagine you're buying a new car. You're offered two trim levels: high performance or economical. Which would you go for?

How long can you drive before you need to take a break somewhere?

Which of these motor sports would you be interested in trying out on an amateur level?

Would you rather drive a brand new car with a poor safety rating for today, or a 20 year old car with a great safety rating for back then?

What's your favorite road snack?

How would you cope if you discovered someone had dented your parked car and driven away?

What would you do if you heard a strange sound coming from your GTI's engine, but the check engine light said nothing?

Which excites you more, the thought of lightweight, minimalist car seats, or heavy, plush ones?

What would you want an SUV to have if you were driving to a house in the country, during a blizzard?

If you had to do some serious off-roading, would you rather a truck or an SUV?

If you were really hankering for a specific brand, and they had an SUV and a station wagon on the same platform with the same space and engines, which would you buy?

Which of these driving vacations sounds like the most fun to you?

How would you choose to navigate if you were driving in an unfamiliar mountain range?

What's your go-to driving music?

If another car or truck kicked a pebble up, cracking your windshield, what would be your first reaction?

You've gotten into a skid! How do you react?

How many years would you keep a newly purchased car before discarding it?

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About This Quiz

The human mind seems random, but it is highly structured. Over the centuries, people have tried to come up with a workable model for the mind. People have imagined everything from souls made up of animal parts and divine parts, to the Jungian archetypes, to more obscure component pieces, but nearly all of those paradigms have been discounted as flawed. What we can say for sure is that your conscious mind and your unconscious mind work together every day to call up pieces of information when there are enough connections to deem them useful. 

This could mean a piece of pub trivia, or what your preferences happen to be on any given subject. If it were somehow possible to know how the parts of the mind connect, perhaps through some understanding of the physical workings of the brain that we do not yet have, it would be theoretically possible to effectively read someone's mind by observing their outward behavior.

Thanks to our research, we can determine at least one thing from this connection: if you answer a series of specific prompts intended to call upon different parts of the brain and thus different aspects of the mind, we can use those responses to pinpoint exactly which make, model, and trim level of car is your absolute favorite.

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