Quiz: The Ultimate Retro Rec Room Quiz
The Ultimate Retro Rec Room Quiz
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About This Quiz

Relaxing in a rec room is a scene right out of an American movie. Create a retro-themed rec room for your leisure time and relive you favorite time period. Before you start decorating, take our quiz and get some ideas.

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During the groovy 1960s, what type of lamp was popular in the U.S.?
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What kind of vintage stereo equipment would be great for your 1960s style rec room?
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If you want to recreate some of that disco fever feeling in your 1970s rec room, what should you hang from the ceiling?
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If you want to turn your rec room into a Western saloon, what type of doors would complete the look?
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What type of ceiling would give an authentic Western look for your retro rec room?
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To get a 1950s feel in your rec room, on what should you play the music?
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Accent your 1950s style rec room with a case of what bottled drink?
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What children's doll was all the rage during the 1980s?
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What kind of games became popular during the1980s and remain so today?
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Which modern day popular bar drink was all the rage in the 1950s and '60s?
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What online site is a great place to shop for used retro-groovy accessories for your 1950s-themed rec room?
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If baseball is your passion, a baseball-themed rec room would be the perfect décor selection for your home. What electrical appliance should be on the top of your list to purchase for your rec room?
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For some old school, baseball-style snacking, why not purchase one of these?
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To get that swinging feeling in your jazz-themed rec room, you will need what kind of lighting?
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Upholster with what lush fabric to inspire the feeling of a 1940s and '50s jazz club?
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To create a 1960s beach scene in your rec room, what is s resourceful way to use an old surfboard?
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What is a authentic bar style choice for a 1950s beach-themed rec room?
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For a grunge-themed rec room, what games may complete the dive bar feel?
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What electrical appliance will you need to complete your 1990s grunge-themed rec room?
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Shag carpet and bean bag chairs have made a recent comeback. When were shag carpets and bean bag chairs first seen in homes?
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