Reveal How Dirty Your Mind Is and We'll Tell You Your IQ!
by Teresa M.

Does your dirty mind stop you from getting your work done as quickly as you could, or can you squelch your lusty thoughts? There's nothing wrong with having a dirty mind! In fact, we encourage it during this quiz. The way you respond to our playful questions will certainly let us know how much you think about doing the deed. It will also tell us how smart you are! 

Just like science has proven that those of us who swear like sailors are more intelligent, it works the same way with an active, dirty mind! We would never dream of giving away your answers, so we need you to be completely truthful with your responses! After we get to know the things that get your motor revving and the things you find provocative, we will tell you where you fall on the IQ scale. You should never underestimate the power of your mind - especially when it comes to dirty thoughts! 

Make yourself comfortable and let your mind wander to the response that suits you best! The things you tell us will be analyzed against IQ tests, and your level of intelligence will be made clear. Are you ready to find out?

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