Quiz: The Revolutionary War Quiz
The Revolutionary War Quiz
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If you live in the United States, you probably don't mind hosting a cookout and watching fireworks light up the sky each July 4th. But how much do you know about the war that originally inspired this great holiday? Take our quiz to find out!

After all, when it comes to the war for American independence, we tend to remember the most well-worn tales and famous names learned during our early school days. The Boston Tea Party. The first Continental Congress. The midnight ride of Paul Revere.

If you're thinking of the archetypal Founding Fathers, for instance, you're probably conjuring up the image of somebody like Benjamin Franklin or John Adams. Then there's Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and even Alexander Hamilton — legacies that are all still evolving today. 

But there were many other unprecedented historical events and early American heroes during the Revolutionary era, all key to the course of United States history. It's not just the biggest signatures on the Declaration of Independence that matter, but also the first shots to be fired and the first casualty after war broke out. It's the stalwart support of the French and the many British attempts to stamp out the rebellion.

Together, these legendary people and moments shaped not just a new government, but the ideals of a new national identity. We bet you've done your homework since grade school if you know them all. Ready to find out if you're a U.S. history expert? 

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