Rewrite These Famous Disney Lyrics and We'll Reveal What People Love Most About You

Teresa M.

How would you fill in this blank? "Let me share this _____________________ with you."

Which word would you use for this line? "And how thrilling that moment will be when the ___________ of my dreams comes to me."

Where do you want to be? "I wanna be where the ____________ are."

How would you finish the line? "You walked in and said ____________."

Which is truer for you? "In every job I've done, there's an element of ______________."

How do loud people sound to you? "If you say it loud enough, you'll always sound __________________"

What would you like to forget about? "Forget about your worries and your ____________."

What do you need in your life? "Life's no fun without a good _____________."

What kind of world do you live in? "It's a _________________ world after all."

You are not Mulan, but how would you finish it? "How I pray that a time will come I can free myself from their _____________."

Think about your ex and fill in the blank? "You ain't never had a _______________ like me."

Where did you come from? "We are descended from _____________."

Do you work like Tiana? "I work ____________ each and every day."

How do happy things make you feel? "Now, think of some of the happiest things. It's the same as having _____________."

What are they thinking about you? "Someone's thinking of me, and ____________ me tonight."

What do you never allow to control you? "And the ____________ that once controlled me can’t get to me at all."

What do you mean when you speak? "My words are _____________."

What will you feel tonight? "Can you feel the __________ tonight?"

Where do you want to go? "Heigh-Ho, heigh-ho. It's off to ____________ we go."

What are you waiting for? "Someday my ____________ will come."

What would you say to your sweetheart? "If you've got ___________, I've got them too. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you."

How do you feel about love? "So this is love. This is what makes life ___________."

How would you help a friend? "Don't let the stormy darkness pull you down. I'll paint a ______________ around you."

What would you say when hosting a party? "Be our guest. Put our __________ to the test."

Do you dream like Hercules? "I've often dreamed of a _________________."

What would you say to motivate your coworkers? "I can lead with pride. I can make us ___________."

How would you describe your oldest friendship? "Tale as old as time. _____________ as it can be."

What were you like in high school?: "I was the one that had it all. I was the master of my __________."

What would you like to improve? "I can feel a change in me. I'm stronger now, but still not ____________.

How do you come off? "I'm a sensitive soul though I seem ______________."

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Image: The Walt Disney Company

About This Quiz

You have never had as much fun rewriting song lyrics as you are going to have rewriting these famous Disney lyrics. Much like a Freudian slip, the words you would use to replace lyrics that have existed for decades will reveal a lot about you. Most importantly, your lyrical rewrites will allow us to reveal the reasons people love you so much. 

Don't worry! We will give you ample Disney material to work with, so you'll know exactly which song you are rewriting. We're going to take the most memorable, the most fun, and the most endearing songs that Disney has ever put out and ask you to put your own twist on it. Your rewrites don't need to be anything fancy, but we would like you to try and focus your energy on the word that would feel most natural coming out of your mouth. Just changing a word or a phrase in a song can change its entire meaning! 

If a wish is a dream your heart makes, you are going to love this quiz! You'll get to explore all of your very favorite Disney songs while getting to make them your very own. We wouldn't be surprised if you sing your lyrics your way every time you hear the tune after this quiz! 

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