Quiz: I Am Not a Crook: The Richard Nixon Quiz
I Am Not a Crook: The Richard Nixon Quiz
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For better or worse, Richard M. Nixon left his mark on American politics. There were plenty of high and low points in between the family ranch and the helicopter ride away from the White House. How much do you know about the 37th U.S. president?

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In what state was Nixon born?
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What does the "M" in Richard M. Nixon stand for?
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At what university did Nixon attend law school?
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In what branch of the military did Nixon serve during World War II?
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What was the first major political office that Nixon held?
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What communist-hunting congressional committee was Nixon part of in the late 1940s?
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In 1950, what political office did Nixon run for?
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Did he win or lose when he ran for U.S. Senate in 1950?
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Nixon's campaign tactics against Douglas included comparing her to another politician with rumored communist sympathies. This campaign earned him what nickname, which stuck to him through his political career?
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What president did Nixon serve as vice president under?
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During the 1952 campaign, Nixon was accused of using money from political supporters to reimburse himself for expenses, a legal but ethically questionable tactic. How did he defuse the scandal?
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How many terms did Nixon serve as vice president?
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What was the electoral vote tally in the 1960 presidential election?
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What did Nixon run for after losing the 1960 presidential election?
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What did Nixon infamously say when he conceded the gubernatorial election?
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What is the title of Nixon's first book?
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Who was Nixon competing against in the 1968 Republican presidential primaries?
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With what nation did Nixon greatly expand diplomatic relations, partly through an exchange of table tennis teams?
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In what year were the Paris Peace Accords signed, ending the Vietnam War, which Nixon had pledged to end during his campaign?
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What was the name of Nixon's 1972 re-election fundraising organization?
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Former White House lawyer John Dean told the Senate Watergate Committee something huge that suggested there was direct evidence of the sitting president being involved in illegal schemes. What did he tell them?
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Would Nixon have been impeached if he hadn’t resigned?
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True or false: Richard Nixon is the only president to have resigned from office.
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