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How can roaches get into your home?

Roaches, even when fairly large, can squeeze through slits as thin as one-sixteenth of an inch (0.15 centimeters). They can also hitch a ride in a shopping bag or briefcase.


What do roaches like best about your home?

Ever wonder why you often find a visiting roach when you turn on the light in your bathroom in the middle of the night? They love the warmth, the moisture and the dark of a bathroom at night.


How many types of roaches are found in the United States?

If you find a roach in your home in the United States, it is most likely a member of one of four species: the German, the Brownbanded, the Oriental or the more appropriately named American cockroach.


What's the first thing you should do when you discover roaches in your home?

You'll have more success getting rid of those pesky roaches that have invaded your home if you have a strategy. Before you start spraying pesticides everywhere in an attempt to kill them, you need to determine where the roaches are hanging out; in other words, where their nest is located.


What's the easiest way to find a roach's nest?

To pinpoint the location of roach nests, set out strips of roach traps that are coated with a sticky glue that will stop them in their tracks. The strips with the best results (the most dead roaches) should be close to their nest.


Which items should you throw out in order to win the battle of the roaches?

Paper products serve as a magnet for roaches and their friends. The paper products absorb a chemical attractor (pheromone) that the roaches give off, making it very easy for them to keep finding their way back to those piles of newspapers or boxes.


Which room of your house has the most appeal for the average roach?

In your battle with the roaches, it is essential that you clean up your kitchen. Food lying around on table or counter, dirty dishes left in the sink, as well as the drip plate under your refrigerator need to be cleaned up in order to cut off the roaches' supply of food and water.


Ready-made sprays sold in grocery stores have to actually hit the roach with the repellant to kill it. What's a better way to get the job done?

Stomach poisons like boric acid or gel baits are the most effective way of killing your roaches. They're both easy to use in those places that are difficult to reach, like under sinks and behind cabinets.


Commercial roach pesticides may contain toxic:

If you choose to use commercial roach pesticides, you need to be aware that they can be harmful to humans, especially children. Be sure to follow carefully the manufacturer's guidelines for safe usage.


Roach pesticides take _____ to produce visible results.

Don't give up the war even if it seems you've lost the battle with your roaches. It can take at least a week to see visible results with certain types of pesticides and you may have to fight more than one battle.


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