It's Tablet Time: Which one's right for you?

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What is the name of the operating system that runs on the Apple iPad and iPad 2?

Once known as the iPhone OS, iOS is the operating system that powers the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Besides Apple's iOS, what two operating systems are most commonly found on tablet computers?

While Apple, BlackBerry and other tablet providers ship apps with their own proprietary operating systems installed, most non-iPad tablets run either Android or Windows 7.

How many apps are currently available for the iPad and iPad 2?

As of November 2011, there were more than 165,000 iPad-specific apps in Apple's app store.

What is Android Honeycomb?

Also known as Android 3.0, Honeycomb is an operating system that was first designed for the Motorola Xoom but has since found its way into tablets from many different manufacturers. Honeycomb is a whole new branch of the Android tree, not just an update to the Android 2.0 operating system used in many smartphones.

True or false: It is possible to view and edit Microsoft documents on an iPad 2.

There's an app for that. Apps available for both iPad and Android tablets allow you to read and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

What tablet PC was discontinued in August 2011, just six weeks after making its retail debut?

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews its TouchPad tablet received from tech editors and consumers alike, HP announced that it would discontinue the product less than two months after it first hit the shelves.

The term "tablet" typically applies to personal computers in what size range?

The size of a tablet refers to the size of its screen as measured diagonally from one corner to another, typically between 7 inches and around 10.1 inches.

True or false: If you have a Mac desktop computer, you can just download the software you use there to your new iPad.

While Mac users will find plenty of similarities between their iPad and their desktop, existing Mac software is not supported on the iPad.

Which popular tablet is incompatible with Adobe Flash?

Steve Jobs famously disliked Flash (to put it mildly), and there are no plans for Apple's iPad to support it any time soon.

The Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook both run a version of what operating system?

Both the Fire and the Nook run a modified version of Android. It's based on an older smartphone operating system, not the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) OS built specifically for tablets, but does allow users to download and use certain Android apps.

How many tablet devices (all brands combined) were sold in 2010, according to Forrester Research?

Forrester predicts that tablet sales will grow from the 10.3 million units sold in 2010 to at least 44 million by the year 2015.

In terms of its size, features and capabilities, the Acer Iconia Tab A500 is most comparable to which of these tablet devices?

Like the Motorola Xoom, the Iconia Tab A500 runs Android Honeycomb and has a 10.1-inch screen size with 1280 x 800 resolution. The Iconia A500 is slightly heavier and thicker than the Xoom, but both offer comparable memory, speed and processing power.

What is one of the added benefits of choosing an iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G over an iPad with Wi-Fi only?

You probably know that 3G service lets you access e-mail and the Web from anywhere (not just a Wi-Fi hotspot), but it also allows the iPad to pinpoint its location on a map, a must for accurate navigation.

True or false: Tablet PCs use the same type of memory as desktops and laptops.

Most tablets use flash memory instead of the hard disks common in laptops and desktop computers. If all you need to do is browse the Web and update your Facebook status, the 8 to 64 GB available in a tablet is probably more than adequate. If you need more, you can always hook your tablet up to an external hard drive.

Which of these three tablets boasts the highest screen resolution?

With a screen resolution of 1280x800, the Samsung Galaxy Tab beats both the iPad 2 (1024x768) and the Coby Kyros (800x480)

The Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook are two examples of specialized tablets commonly known by what name?

The new Kindle Fire and the latest Nook have retained their slim, portable dimensions, but their crisp, colorful touch-screen displays and expanded app selections have come a long way in the few short years since the first e-readers were introduced.

When was the first Android Honeycomb tablet introduced?

In February 2011, the Motorola Xoom became the first tablet available with the Android 3.0 operating system commonly known as Honeycomb. Before that, Android tablets used the Android 2.0 platform developed for Google smartphones.

What readily available accessory can help you turn your tablet into a true laptop replacement?

While most tablets include a virtual touch-screen keyboard, hooking up an external keyboard (wireless, USB or docked) can make it much easier to type long e-mails or create and edit documents.

What is the expected battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

According to the Samsung Web site, you can enjoy up to 9 hours of video or 72 hours of music before you recharge the battery on your Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Which of the statements below is among the most commonly heard complaints about Windows tablets?

It sometimes seems as though Microsoft merely dropped its existing Windows platform into a tablet, forgetting that people use tablets differently from the way they use PCs.

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