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You've been driving for hours and you're exhausted. Suddenly, you see a giant duck, or perhaps you've come across a golden palace, or maybe it's the Eiffel Tower. No, you're not hallucinating! These are some of the many roadside architectural wonders you might come across while driving through the U.S.A. Take this quiz to learn more about these roadside wonders.

What is Solomon's Castle in Ona, Florida, mostly made from?

Solomon's Castle, created by sculptor Howard Solomon, is made mostly from recycled objects. The castle is 10,000 square feet (924 square meters) in size and took 30 years to make. The facade is made from recycled printing-press plates, giving the castle a shimmering appearance.


What was the asking price for Solomon's Castle when it went on the market?

You would have needed to fork out $5 million to be the proud owner of Solomon's Castle.


What influenced the design of the Georgia Guidestones, near Elberton, Georgia?

Britain's Stonehenge was the inspiration behind the design of the Georgia Guidestone. There are 10 principles carved into the stone in eight languages. One of the principles is "avoid petty laws and useless officials."


What does the Georgia Guidestone function as, besides a monument?

The Georgia Guideston is also a clock.


What is inside the Tower of Pisa of Niles, Illinois?

The Niles Tower of Pisa conceals a water tank, which is part of the recreation park that businessman Robert Ilg built for is employees in 1934. The tower is half the size of the real tower in Pisa, but led to a sister-city relationship between the two towns that was formally acknowledged in 1991.


Why was the Purple Martin House in Griggsville, Illinois, built?

After it was noted that purple martins are prolific mosquito-eaters, the people of Griggsville built a dream home for the birds in order to attract them and fend off a plague of mosquitoes.


How tall is the world's largest catsup bottle?

Collinsvill, Illinois, is the home of the world's largest catsup bottle. Standing 170 feet (52 meters) tall, the bottle is actually a water tower that was built in the shape of a catsup bottle to promote Brooks catsup.


The people of Liberal, Kansas, dedicated Dorothy's House in 1981. In what year was the house built?

The townspeople chose a house built in 1907 to be the official residence of Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz. The house is now part of an attraction called the Land of Oz.


Lucy the Elephant of Margate, New Jersey, is an example of what type of architecture?

Lucy the Elephant is the only example of zoomorphic architecture left in the United States. The 65-foot (20-meter) tall elephant was built as a real-estate promotion in 1881. She has staircases winding through her legs and rooms inside her body. At first she served as a summer home, then a tavern, then hotel and now she remains a tourist attraction.


Where was the Big Duck built?

The Big Duck was built in Riverhead in 1931, but was relocated to Flanders in 1936 and relocated again in 1987 to Suffolk County. The Big Duck was built by Martin Maurer and his wife Jeule to advertise the Peking ducks they raised. The duck now serves as a gift shop and tourist information center.


How long is each side of Toronto's Cubes?

Toronto's Cubes are three interconnected cubes measuring 24 feet (7 meters) on each side. The cubes are turned on their points and the structure is suspended on a single 15-foot column. The cubes are used as apartments and office space.


How many cities in the U.S. are names Paris?

There are 14 cities in the U.S. named Paris. Paris, Tennessee, is the home of the Eiffel Tower Replica.


Which university donated the Eiffel Tower Replica to Tennessee?

Christian Brother's University in Memphis, Tennessee, donated the replica to Paris, Tennessee, when Paris organized a "Paris U.S.A." promotion in conjunction with the other U.S. cities named Paris.


How tall is the statue of the Greek goddess Athena that stands inside the Parthenon in Nashville?

The statue is said to be the largest indoor statue in the western hemisphere, standing a grand 42 feet (13 meters) tall. The Parthenon was built in 1897 for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, and stands as a remind of the city's reputation as the Athens of the South.


What was the occupation of the person who thought up the idea of building a replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in the heart of Texas?

Marjorie Morris was a school teacher and later became a professor at Morris College in Texas. She thought of the idea of building an authentic replica of William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in 1948 and pushed her idea until it was put into action in 1961.


Why does the Leaning Tower of Texas lean?

The tower, which was used as an advertising ploy in the glory days of Route 66 for the Tower Fuel Stop, had its legs shortened on one side by proprietor Ralph Britten, so that it would catch the eye of passersby.


Why did Jefferson Davis McKissack build the Orange Show Monument?

McKissack built the monument to honor his favorite fruit, the orange. The monument has an orange and white color scheme and was built between the years 1956 and 1979 by McKissack, who used everything from bricks to mannequins to wagon wheels.


Prabhupada's Palace of Gold was built for Srila Prabhupada. Which philosophy did Prabhupada spread?

Prabhupada tried to spread the Krishna philosophy to the Western world, after he left his native India in 1965. His followers built him the golden palace in New Vrindaban, West Virginia, in 1969.


How long did it take to build Prabhupada's Palace of Gold?

It took seven years to build the golden palace.


The House on the Rock is an architectural oddity. How many windows are there in the Infinity Room?

There are 3,264 windows in the Infinity Room of the House on the Rock, which is located in Spring Green, Wisconsin, on a 60-foot (18-meter) geological formation named Deer Shelter Rock. The house was built in the 1940s by Alex Jordan, an eccentric artist, who used the house as a vacation home until he turned it into a museum in 1961.


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