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Our world's roads send drivers by some pretty interesting (or downright weird) sites and displays. How much do you know about these roadside attractions?

Where will you find a flaming praying mantis?

Right next to Fremont Street, the mantis spews huge columns of flames into the sky.


Jackson, Wyoming has four arches that are made of what material?

The huge arches make for intriguing photo opportunities in the picturesque town.


In which state will you find an attraction called "The Thing"?

Highway signs all over the region entice travelers to come and see the mysterious "Thing," and we aren't telling you what it is.


How tall is the roadside grandfather clock in Kewaunee, Wisconsin?

The clock was recently repaired and moved to a downtown location that overlooks the harbor.


St. Paul, Alberta has a huge landing pad meant for what?

It was officially "opened" in 1967 and is supposed to be a symbol of peace (or an invitation to invasion).


How big is the Apatosaurus at the Cabazon Dinosaurs exhibit in California?

It is said to be the biggest concrete dinosaur in the world.


Where will you find the world's tallest thermometer?

Its 134-foot height recognizes the 134-degree record temperature set in 1913 in Death Valley, which is right down the road.


In Austin, Texas, you can visit a cathedral that's made up of what?

It's a private residence, but you can make appointments to see it.


How many cars are partially buried as part of the Cadillac Ranch in Texas?

The wildly colored cars are continually spray-painted by passersby.


What sort of vehicles are partially buried along Interstate 4 in Florida?

There are eight Airstream RVs plunged at angle into the ground.


In 2013, about how much did the ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas, weigh?

It is still growing because each year the locals wind ever more twine onto its enormous girth.


What happens at the Center of the Universe?

This odd location is in the middle of Tulsa, Oklahoma. What, you were expecting New York City?


Where can you go to see Carhenge, an arrangement of old cars made to look like Stonehenge?

Thirty-eight cars make up the display, which is near a remote town called Alliance.


In Natural Bridge, Virginia, what is the Stonehenge replica made from?

The foam blocks probably won't last as long as the real Stonehenge.


What was the approximate cost of the Mercedes-Benz tombstone in Linden, New Jersey?

The car is made from a 66-ton granite block and took 18 months to create.


On Highway 101 in California, you can drive through which sort of object?

The enormous redwood trees can have roads built right through them (though you'll need a pretty compact car in order to squeeze through).


In which state can you stroll along the Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail?

The 54-acre area has a desolate appeal and is near St. Louis.


How many sculptures are there on the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota?

There are seven on the 32-mile stretch and these sculptures are some of the largest in the world; another is being built.


What's the diameter of the World's Largest Sycamore Stump, in Kokomo, Indiana?

It is also 12 feet high and 18 feet wide, a testament to what must have been a gigantic tree.


In which state will you find the world's largest truck stop?

It's off of Interstate 80 in Walcott; it has enough parking for nearly 1,000 semi trucks.


The House on the Rock, in Wisconsin, may have been built to mock which person?

Alex Jordan Jr. may have had a serious beef with Wright (who lived nearby) and might've made his sprawling, crazy house to mock Wright.


Where can you go to see the Big Prawn, which weighs 35 tons?

It is 30 feet tall and was recently updated with a nice tail.


How many Salvation Mountains have existed?

The first one crumbled but the second is still painted with Christian messages. You can see the hulking display in California.


To eat at the Longhorn Grill in Arizona, you'll have to walk through a door made to look like what?

The huge longhorn skull was built sometime in the 1970s.


In Montana, you'll see a garden filled with 1,000 statues of what?

The neat and tidy display promotes peace for humankind.


In Vermont, you can find a roadside gorilla holding what object?

And the VW Bug is nearly as big as the gorilla.


How tall is the giant teepee in Medicine Hat, Alberta?

High winds damaged the teepee in 2007, so it's a bit shorter now but still impressive.


What sort of animal sculpture is Lucy, which is found in New Jersey?

You can climb up the 65-foot elephant, which is more than 130 years old.


How many seats are there at the Toilet Seat Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas?

The on-site artist is more than 90 years old and has been making toilet art for more than five decades.


What sort of device keeps the town of Pineville, Kentucky, safe from a huge rock that looks as if it could fall at any moment?

Installed as a joke, the 1.5-ton chain is probably not actually doing much of anything to keep the rock in place.


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