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It recognizes some of the most influential and famous rock musicians ever to hit the airwaves. How much do you know about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

In what year was the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation established?

Rock had been around for decades before the foundation was formed.


Where is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum?

It is in downtown Cleveland near the shore of Lake Erie.


The Ahmet Ertegun Award for Lifetime Achievement award was formerly called what?

It recognizes people who work in the music industry but receive none of the acclaim of the artists they help make famous.


What did the Sex Pistols famously call the Hall?

They made their disdain for the Hall apparent right from the start.


From which city did the term "rock 'n' roll" originate?

A Cleveland disc jockey named Alan Freed gets credit for coming up with the term.


The founder of which major record label helped to spur the establishment of the foundation?

Ahmet Ertegun was not only a savvy businessman, but he also did a good bit of songwriting.


Which artist did NOT play at the Hall's 25th anniversary concert?

The first night of the show -- which ran nearly six hours long -- featured an amazing array of headliner-quality acts.


Which artist is the only one to have ever been inducted in three different groups?

He is enshrined as a solo performer and also as a member of the Yardbirds and Cream.


In which year did the Hall of Fame open in Cleveland?

After Cleveland was named as the location for the hall, it took about a decade to finish construction.


During a Hall speech, Johnny Ramone sparked controversy by praising which president?

He heartily aired his support for the president and said he was tired of Republicans being mocked publicly.


The museum's first full-blown exhibit spotlighted which subgenre of rock?

It was heavy on Janis Joplin, John Lennon, The Jefferson Airplane and other instantly recognizable artists.


Which famous architect was hired to design the hall?

He also designed the Bank of China Tower, the Suzhou Museum and other notable buildings.


Artists are eligible for induction into the Hall after how many years of the release of their first record?

It is one of the most notable (and concrete) criteria for induction.


In which year was the first class of the Hall of Fame inducted?

That first class included some of the most famous names in American music history.


Which member of The Beatles has never been inducted as a solo artist?

Drummers just never get any credit.


Which artist or band was NOT inducted in the first class of the Hall of Fame?

Orbison was inducted the following year.


About how many artists are inducted each year?

There are a very limited number of slots made available in each class.


Which non-American artists were the first to be inducted into the Hall?

They made it as part of the third year of the hall; Paul McCartney didn't attend due to a feud with the other members.


How many years passed before the E Street Band joined Bruce Springsteen in the Hall?

The Hall didn't begin recognizing backing bands until 2012.


The Sex Pistols declined to attend their induction in part due to the fact they would have had to pay how much money to sit at a head table?

Being famous apparently doesn't come cheap, even at your own awards ceremony.


In what year was Johnny Cash inducted into the Hall of Fame?

The Man in Black was a shoo-in to make the Hall at one point or another.


About how many people cast votes to determine which artists are inducted?

Those artists that get the most votes are the ones who nab one of the precious spots in that year's class.


The Hall of Fame boasts the third-highest attendance rate of all halls of fame.

It actually has the No. 1 attendance numbers, with more than 10 million visitors since its 1995 opening.


After becoming eligible for induction, how many years did it take Kiss to land a spot in the Hall?

Critics derided their inclusion but fans insisted that Kiss belonged in the Hall.


In which year did the Hall open one slot to fan voting?

In 2016, fans used their online voting power to induct … Chicago.


How many square feet of space is there in the Hall's exhibition areas?

That does not include the 65,000-square-foot outdoor plaza, and it doesn't speak to the building's innovative aesthetics.


From the exterior, which shape predominates the Hall of Fame?

I.M. Pei said that he wanted the building to symbolize the feelings of rock 'n' roll.


When he was selected as the Hall's architect, which rock band was I.M. Pei's favorite?

He's on the record as saying he didn't know anything about the genre.


As of 2016, how many total people had been inducted into the Hall?

That number includes 113 different groups of musicians.


What is the single most important criteria for induction into the Hall?

The Hall weighs this variable as the most important for all artists.


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