Quiz: Rock Legends Quiz: The Doors
Rock Legends Quiz: The Doors
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They blew the hinges off of the public perception of rock n' roll. How much do you know about The Doors?

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The Doors were formed in which year?
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In which area did the band form?
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In what year did lead singer Jim Morrison die?
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How many albums did the band release?
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Which instrument did band member Ray Manzsarek play?
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The Doors' band name was inspired by which famous writer?
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What was the name of the band's first album?
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How many drummers did The Doors go through during the production of their studio albums?
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Why was Jim Morrison arrested onstage during a December 9, 1967, concert?
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How many of the band's singles sold more than 1 million copies?
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When Morrison first performed with the band, what did he often do?
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Which song did the band perform on the Ed Sullivan Show?
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Band member Robby Krieger played which instrument?
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In 1966, the band was fired from its job as house band for Whiskey A-Go-Go after it played an explicit version of which song?
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Which song did NOT appear on the band's second album?
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Jim Morrison didn't like college but stayed until graduation, anyway. Why?
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The band has sold about how many records worldwide?
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Which band member objected to the others taking up the band's name for the sake of continued commercialization?
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Which of the band's albums was the only one to reach No. 1 on the Billboard charts?
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The band never officially hired a bass guitar player.
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In 2002, Krieger and Manzarek attempted to reform The Doors by hiring the singer of which band?
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What was the name of the girlfriend who became Morrison's longest-running partner in life?
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Before The Doors, why was Morrison invited to become a part of Manzarek's group, called Rick and the Ravens?
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The song named "The Crystal Ship" appeared on which of the band's albums?
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Who played Pamela Courson in Oliver Stone's film about the band?
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How old was Jim Morrison when he died?
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Morrison's body was subjected to a thorough autopsy.
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Ray Manzarek performed on numerous albums for which punk rock band?
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How many albums did the band record after Morrison's death?
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In what year did the band release an album of music that served as a backdrop for Morrison's poetry?
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