The Ultimate Rodent Quiz


Since rodents breed swiftly, why have they not overrun the Earth?

Rodents are the prey of almost all flesh-eating animals.

Can rodents be beneficial to the fashion world?

The fur of beavers and muskrats is considered valuable.

How many teeth do rodents have?

Unlike other mammals, they have only two upper and two lower teeth.

How would you characterize the rodents as a group?

Rodents, as a group, are destructive pests, whether in the home or ruining crops in the fields. They also carry various diseases.

Are all rodents vegetarians?

Almost all are, except for some, like the squirrel, that also eat smaller animals.

Many rodents have cheek pouches. What are they for?

The cheek pouches are used for carrying food.

How many species of rodents are there?

There are more than 2,000 species.

What "dog" is in fact a rodent?

The prairie dog is not a canine, but a type of large ground squirrel.

What prevents a rodent's incisors from growing too long?

The gnawing of rodents wears down and sharpens their incisors, keeping them from growing too long.

Which rodents live on nearly every continent?

Rats and mice live everywhere except Antarctica.

What rodent is found only in Central and South America?

Capybaras live only in Latin America.

Where does the Eurasian beaver live?

It lives in Europe and Asia.

What is the size of an average beaver family?

Beavers often live in families of five or six.

What mouse can leap up to 6 feet (1.8 m)?

The jumper is the kangaroo rat, which is in fact a rodent of the pocket mouse family.

Is there any similarity between a prairie dog and a real dog?

The prairie dog wags its tail, barks to warn of danger and their young are called pups.

What is a group of prairie dogs called?

The group is called a town.

What size can a group of prairie dogs reach?

The group or town can have more than 500 members.

Which rodent is a protected species?

Laws in the United States limit the times of year beavers can be hunted.

Who is the deadliest enemy of rodents?

Although they are the natural prey of most other animals bigger than they are, man is the rodents' biggest enemy. Farmers kill rodents that damage their crops, hunters kill beavers and householders kill rats and mice.

With all the dangers they face, are rodents in danger of becoming extinct?

Considering how rapidly they multiply, the vast majority faces no danger of extinction.

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