Quiz: Rosebud: A Citizen Kane quiz
Rosebud: A Citizen Kane quiz
By: Bambi Turner
Image: The Movie DB

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Orson Welles was given unprecedented freedom from the studios when he made the 1941 film, "Citizen Kane." This unusual hands-off approach, combined with Welles' lack of experience, resulted in a movie that revolutionized Hollywood, introducing new makeup techniques, unconventional lighting and never-before-seen camera angles. Even better, the timeless story of a man who has it all but yearns for his lost innocence still resonates with movie fans today. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this iconic film.

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Spoiler alert -- so what is Rosebud?
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What does Kane drop as he dies?
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How old was Orson Welles when he created "Citizen Kane"?
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What is the full name of Welles' character in the film?
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Why does Kane decide to run the "New York Inquirer"?
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Where did Kane's money come from?
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What does Leland do on the "Inquirer"?
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Who is Kane's childhood guardian?
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Who plays Kane's mother in the film?
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What company, started by Orson Welles, provided much of the talent for "Citizen Kane"?
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What war was Kane accused of instigating?
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How long can the "Inquirer" stay afloat if it's losing a million dollars a year?
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Where did Berstein meet his "lost love" long ago?
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Who is Kane's first wife?
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Where do viewers get to see Emily's marriage to Charles fall apart?
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Where is Susan coming from when she meets Kane for the first time?
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What does Susan's mother dream that her daughter will do?
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What position is Kane running for against Jim Gettys?
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Who does Kane choose to stay with after his affair with Susan is revealed?
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How much does Kane spend to build an opera house?
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How does Susan distract herself from her relationship with Kane?
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How does Susan attempt suicide?
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What is Susan doing when reporters find her after Kane's death?
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What was the name of Kane's butler?
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True or false: Charles Foster Kane was inspired by William Randolph Hearst.
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What was the name of Kane's palatial home?
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Where was Xanadu located?
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How many Oscars did "Citizen Kane" win?
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