Quiz: Rule England for a Day and We'll Guess Which Historic Queen You Are
Rule England for a Day and We'll Guess Which Historic Queen You Are
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Monarchy is a fairly discredited way to run a country these days, but that doesn't mean you can't fantasize about sitting on the throne, just for a day. After all, you could use that super awesome total job security to advocate for the forgotten underdogs in society, and with all that money, you won't need to take any bribes from the powers that be. You might actually be fairer or more able to think long-term than a politician who has to worry about their next election. Best of all, it might help you figure out what you actually think is wrong with the way your real country is run, and that's the first step to fixing it (possibly even by running for office yourself).

Of course, being a monarch isn't a free pass to do whatever you like! Even kings are accountable - perhaps to a parliament, to the people, to something like the Magna Carta, or even to their own conscience. So while you're thinking about what needs changing, you know that you can't just snap your fingers can make it so - you have to be at least a little reasonable. While clearly not all the kings of England knew this, the queens did, and you can see it in how they ruled, building constituencies, staying out of politics, knowing how to choose an enemy, and focusing on the essential issues. So tell us how you'll reign, and we'll see which of them you're emulating.

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Do you connect with the ordinary folk?

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What's a very English thing you love?

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Do you rule by fear?

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How will you get around England?

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Will you let your heirs marry whoever they like?

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Would you ever veto a law passed by Parliament?

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Which nation would you make England work with the most?

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Which nation would you seriously consider simply not talking to at all?

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Which royal palace would you work out of the most?

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Which dog would be the official royal dog?

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