Rule the World for a Day and We'll Tell You Which Country You Truly Belong In

Steven Miller

Which is the best description of what your day in charge will be like?

What is the main thing you are going to try to fix in your one day?

Which city would you rather spend your day in?

Which humanitarian effort will you look to help the most?

What actions will you take in relation to the environment?

Will your day in charge be named a holiday?

What action will you take for the poor during your day as the leader?

Which sport will you highlight on your day in office?

Which season would you rather your day occurred in?

What is your main goal for your day in charge?

Are you going to make sweeping changes or are you basically going to keep things mostly the same?

Will you provide universal healthcare?

In the current political climate, do you identify more as a conservative or a liberal?

Do you consider your position as more of a ceremonial role or a position of power?

In your world, is there a siesta in the middle of the day?

How many hours a week do people work in your world?

What is the retirement age in the world you run?

Which musical act will you ask to perform during your day in charge?

Is marijuana legal in your world?

Who will you honor during your day as world leader?

Will there be a big party to end your day as world leader?

How many time zones will you visit?

Which motto best fits your reign?

What will be your strategy to keep the peace on your day in charge?

Will you give a speech?

Which holiday will your day in power feel most like?

How will you end your day as world leader?

How will you choose your successor?

Which quote from historians do you most hope will be said about your day as leader?

What's the first thing you'll do after you are done in office?

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About This Quiz

If you were the leader of the world for one day, what change would you try to bring about? Let's pretend that you are the ruler of the whole world for this quiz. Once we get the hang of your leadership style, we'll be able to tell you where you really should be living. It might not be the country you've always thought you belonged in, but we promise it will be the country best suited for you. 

For some of you, your level of efficiency will require a technologically advanced country. Others of you would be content living in a remote countryside. No matter what kind of life you prefer to live, the way you rule the world will have a significant bearing on the country you are meant to live in. You don't have to rule with a soft touch or with an iron fist to be a good leader. Simply make the choices that you conscious can live with. 

During the quiz, we'll ask you about your personality. We'll also need to know more about your likes and your dislikes when it comes to the law and authority. Think about the way power might change you, and we'll find you a new home to call your own. 

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