Quiz: Rule the World for a Day and We'll Tell You Which Country You Truly Belong In
Rule the World for a Day and We'll Tell You Which Country You Truly Belong In
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you were the leader of the world for one day, what change would you try to bring about? Let's pretend that you are the ruler of the whole world for this quiz. Once we get the hang of your leadership style, we'll be able to tell you where you really should be living. It might not be the country you've always thought you belonged in, but we promise it will be the country best suited for you. 

For some of you, your level of efficiency will require a technologically advanced country. Others of you would be content living in a remote countryside. No matter what kind of life you prefer to live, the way you rule the world will have a significant bearing on the country you are meant to live in. You don't have to rule with a soft touch or with an iron fist to be a good leader. Simply make the choices that you conscious can live with. 

During the quiz, we'll ask you about your personality. We'll also need to know more about your likes and your dislikes when it comes to the law and authority. Think about the way power might change you, and we'll find you a new home to call your own. 

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