Rule the World for a Day and We'll Tell You Which Historical Monarch You Were in a Past Life
by Zoe Samuel

Reincarnation is said to take souls not just from body to body but from species to species. Still, there are only so many species, so eventually, you'd come around to being a human again. So what are the odds that you were someone famous?

According to the beliefs around reincarnation, we spend our lives playing out the conflicts of our previous lives, making choices in line with those we made before, for generations and generation, until we finally get things right. If you were a doctor, perhaps you'd spend your next human life trying to help people. If you were an artist, you might spend your next human life trying to express the song in your heart more perfectly.

What are the odds you weren't a Russian cobbler or an Italian house painter but were, in fact, a nation-conquering monarch? What decisions could you make now that would paint an accurate picture of your royal past? Simply put, you must show your mettle by ruling the world for a day as an absolute monarch, making life and death decisions for billions of subjects. Sit back, relax, and make some world-altering decisions, and we'll identify which historical monarch you once were.

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