Quiz: Rulers of the Roman Empire Quiz
Rulers of the Roman Empire Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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About This Quiz

Dozens of men took the helm of this great empire. How much do you remember about the rulers of the Roman Empire? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz!

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Domitian was emperor during which Roman Dynasty?
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Justinian I was also known as what?
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Justinian the Great came from which type of family?
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How was Domitian assassinated?
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How old was Elagabalus when he rose to power?
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The rule of Elagabalus was mostly known for what?
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Which emperor is often blamed for starting the Crisis of the Third Century?
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Which emperor really did not want to be emperor?
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How did the reign of Diocletian end?
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Which emperor renamed the months of the year after himself?
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Diocletian is known for taking away the rights of which group?
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The Roman Empire reached its largest territorial area under which emperor?
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Why did Nero supposedly set Rome on fire?
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How long did Constantine the Great rule the empire?
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Which emperor was assassinated?
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How many Roman emperors were assassinated?
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Which emperor may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning?
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How long did Vespasian rule?
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How did Trajan die?
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Which emperor greatly expanded the Roman Empire in terms of geographic size?
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Why did emperor Julian die in battle against the Persians?
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After Egyptians used a play to make fun of his criminal acts, how many people did Caracalla kill in revenge?
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For how long did Pupienus rule as emperor?
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Who was the first Roman emperor to commit suicide?
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Which emperor favored Christianity over traditional Roman beliefs?
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What affliction slowed the rise of Claudius?
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Which emperor completed the Colosseum?
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Licinius was executed by which other emperor?
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