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So you've had the baby, you're feeling better, and you're tired of depending on other people to do your shopping. Plus, you just can't take one more hour in the house. But the idea of leaving, alone, with a tiny baby, is daunting. Can you manage?

How many diapers should you take?

You should be able to manage with three when running errands. While you want to have enough diapers to handle multiple changings, it's not likely that you'll be gone for more than a couple of hours at a time.


How many pacifiers do you need?

Take at least two, if your baby uses them. One will always end up on the floor or mysteriously disappear. But don't bog down your bag with too many.


What should your travel rig look like?

You'll need to have your hands free when running errands, so don't load yourself down with too big a stroller or too much stuff. It's important to have a safe place to put the baby down, but make sure the stroller is light enough to lift as you recover from delivery.


How many bottles do you need to take?

Generally, one bottle should get you through a few errands. If you need more than one, you've probably been out too long with your newborn. And even if you breast-feed, you may find that your baby's too distracted to nurse in public or that you're not comfortable nursing in the middle of the supermarket aisle.


What type of weather coverage should you take?

Carry a light blanket against sun in summer, a thermal blanket against cold in winter and layered coverage for spring and fall. The goal is to keep your baby from getting sick or sunburned, but not to overbundle. Too much bundling can lead to health problems.


How should you set up your car?

No matter how confident you feel, driving with a baby behind you can inspire a unique kind of panic. Make sure you can see your baby at a glance in the rearview mirror. And don't distract yourself or the infant with too many hanging toys; some developmental experts recommend against making a baby a captive of hanging toys anyway.


What's the best type of store to go to with an infant in tow?

The goal is to eliminate as many stops as possible. While it's tempting to wander through a big mall or browse a little boutique, your baby will allow you less time to shop than you may think.


What's the best strategy to complete the most errands?

You'll probably want to get as much done with as little effort and in the least time possible. You want to try to get out and do just a few errands every couple of days.


What's the best time in the baby's day for an outing?

You'll be ready to run errands once you get to know your baby's moods and preferences. Some babies sleep through most outings, while others stay wide awake and watch everything.


What's the single most helpful item you can take along on errands?

Grandma -- or any helper -- is the best accessory. No matter how well you plan an outing, you're always going to be left wanting one more hand!


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