Quiz: How much do you know about scalp pimples?
How much do you know about scalp pimples?
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Pimples can be a real pain, no matter where the zits pop up. Put on your thinking cap and let this quiz put your scalp-pimple knowledge to the test.

A scalp pimple is acne that occurs on the scalp rather the face or elsewhere on the body.

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Applying a pimple treatment to your scalp can have what effect on your hair?

Traditional pimple treatments can bleach your hair or make it oilier.

Any pimple -- including one that pops up on your scalp -- is caused by some sort of blockage in a pore.

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What type of shampoo might help treat scalp acne?

Salicylic acid, a common acne treatment, is often found in dandruff shampoos.

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What is another way you can apply salicylic acid to scalp pimples?

Using a cotton swab allows you to target pimples with salicylic acid without drying out your hair.

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Which hair products should you stop using if you have acne on your scalp?

Avoid using any hair products you don't need.

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Shampoos containing which antiseptic ingredient may be helpful for scalp pimples?

Derived from the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree, tea tree oil is an antiseptic often used to treat acne.

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A paste made out of which herb can treat scalp pimples?

Crush fenugreek leaves, which can be found at a health food or general nutrition store, and mix with water. Then, smooth the paste on your scalp.

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What category of medication do doctors sometimes prescribe for acne on the scalp?

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics when other acne treatments don't work.

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What is a condition that is often mistaken for scalp pimples?

While it can cause red bumps, scalp folliculitis is not the same as scalp acne -- and it's a more severe condition.

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