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"Scarface" is the perfect blend of cautionary tale and tantalizing glimpse into a world of glamour — and danger. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this iconic gangster flick.

What year did audiences first get to see "Scarface" in theaters?

Fans first said hello to Frank's little friend when the film premiered on Dec. 9, 1983.


Where did Tony Montana hail from?

Montana left Cuba for the U.S. during the Mariel exodus of 1980.


What is the name of Tony's best friend in the film?

Actor Steven Bauer, who played Tony's buddy Manny, was the only actor of Cuban descent in the movie.


Who hires Tony for a deal that helps him get his green card?

Cocaine dealer Frank Lopez offers Tony and his friends a deal that will reward them with a green card for their services.


How does Angel die?

Angel is dismembered in the shower with a chainsaw by Hector the Toad during a drug deal gone wrong.


Who plays Frank's girlfriend Elvira?

Michelle Pfeiffer stars as Frank's woman Elvira Hancock, who later causes big trouble between Tony and Frank.


What is the name of Tony's little sister?

Tony has a close — maybe too close — relationship with little sister Gina, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.


Who kills Frank's henchman Omar?

Bolivian gangster Alejandro Sosa kills Omar by hanging him from a helicopter.


Who kills Frank Lopez?

Tony personally takes out Frank Lopez after Frank orders a failed hit on Tony's life.


Which of Tony's friends starts a relationship with Gina?

Tony kills Manny on the spot when he catches Manny with his sister, who reveals that she and Manny had just been married.


Why does Tony refuse to kill a journalist in a Sosa-ordered hit?

Tony crosses Sosa and cancels the hit on the journalist after the journalist unexpectedly brings his family along.


Who finally kills Tony Montana?

One of Sosa's henchmen, The Skull, fatally shoots Tony at his mansion at the end of the film.


What motto is on the globe next to Tony's swimming pool?

Tony Montana meets his end next to a brass globe marked with the slogan "the world is yours."


How many times is the name Scarface used in the film?

The name is uttered just once, in its Spanish form — <i>cara cicatriz</i>.


True or false: Screenplay writer Oliver Stone named Tony after his favorite football player.

Oliver Stone named Tony Montana after Joe Montana from the San Francisco 49ers, his favorite team.


True or false: That was actually cocaine that Al Pacino snorted during filming.

Contrary to rumor, that white stuff Pacino was sniffing was powdered milk, not actual cocaine.


How many times is the f-word used in the film?

The f-bomb is uttered 207 times, or once every 1.21 minutes, in "Scarface."


How much did the film cost to make?

This legendary film cost just $25 million to make. While it was a modest success at the time, it was dwarfed at the box office by "Jaws," which came out that same year.


How much did the film gross its opening weekend?

It's hard to believe that the iconic "Scarface" made just $4.6 million its first weekend. It went on to gross $45 million domestically and $20 million overseas.


How many Oscars did "Scarface" win?

The film wasn't even nominated for an Academy Award.


True or false: The 1983 film wasn't the first "Scarface" film.

The film was inspired by a 1932 film also called "Scarface" that told the story of Chicago crime boss Johnny Lovo.


Who came up with the idea to remake the 1932 film during the '80s?

Al Pacino wanted to remake the film after seeing a revival showing of the 1932 movie. He approached Martin Bregman with the idea, who went on to produce the 1983 version of "Scarface."


True or false: Both "Scarface" movies were inspired by a 1929 novel.

The 1929 "Scarface" novel by Maurice Coons was loosely based on mobster Al Capone.


True or false: Al Pacino didn't want Michelle Pfeiffer for the role of Elvira.

Pacino was set against Pfeiffer, but producer Martin Bregman believed in the young actress and insisted that she get the part.


Where did Oliver Stone write the screenplay for the movie?

Trying to beat a tough cocaine addiction, Stone retreated to Paris to change his routine and draft the screenplay for "Scarface."


What is the name of the camp where Tony and Manny originally settle in Miami?

Tony and Manny end up in a Miami refuge camp called Freedom Town when they first arrive in the U.S.


What actress played Tony's mother in the film?

Actress Miriam Colon, who played Tony's mother, was only four years older than Al Pacino at the time.


Who played the role of Omar Suarez, henchman to Frank Lopez?

F. Murray Abraham played Omar, who gets Tony in big trouble with Frank when he is killed in Bolivia.


What actor played gangster Frank Lopez?

Robert Loggia played Lopez, who brings Tony into the mob and loses both his woman and his life to Montana.


What 1991 film did Pacino and Pfeiffer star in together after "Scarface"?

Just 8 years after "Scarface," Pfeiffer and Pacino reunited for "Frankie and Johnny," a Garry Marshall drama about a waitress and an ex-con who fall in love.


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