Quiz: Scary Australian Wildlife Quiz
Scary Australian Wildlife Quiz
By: Staff
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Sometimes it seems a wonder anyone makes it out of Australia alive. The country is the dubious home to more venomous snake species than any other country in the world, along with highly toxic spiders, enormous crocodiles and even a giant centipede (hard pass on that one). Even seasoned conservationist Steve Irwin died when he came in contact with a stingray, a normally docile creature.

So it’s actually ironic that, in an area where one can encounter a dizzying array of deadly snakes, it’s actually more likely that a honeybee or horse will do you in. In fact, a 2016 study found that more people died from horse-related injuries from 2000 to 2013 than by any other animal or insect.

Still, that doesn’t make the reality of creatures like the common death adder any less frightening (seriously, who named that one?) Scarily enough, it’s not even a question of size mattering. The tiny Australian paralysis tick boasts poisonous saliva that causes people to go into deadly anaphylactic shock. Indeed, for all their cuddly koalas and bouncing kangaroos, the Land Down Under nonetheless has a well-deserved reputation for hosting some of planet Earth's freakiest fauna. How much do you know about scary Australian wildlife? Take the quiz now!

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