If You Were a Scientist, What Would Your Field of Study Be?

Zoe Samuel

Do you spend any time looking into your family history?

Assuming you were a Boy Scout, what was your favorite activity?

What living thing do you keep in your house?

How would you characterize your type of intelligence?

How much do you like to travel?

Have you ever owned a pocket protector?

Do you mind being mocked for being naive when you know you're not being naive?

If you could work a well-paid job in the private sector that wasn't 100% secure, or an important if badly paid academic job with total job security, which would it be?

How strongly do you feel about the need for pure science?

Do you know what Operation Paperclip was?

Do you believe science's best use is in saving the world in the here and now?

How do you feel about how science is portrayed in film?

How much do you mind being in a hyper competitive field?

How patient are you?

Are you willing to spend equal time learning and proving you learned what you learned?

What's the most applicable use of science of these examples?

Do you believe you'll do your best work before you are 30?

Do you mind if a lot of your job is about worrying about major problems?

Is science best when it is useful?

Do you mind having to deal with people constantly mischaracterizing your work?

Do you have any rock star scientist role models?

Are you willing to work outside the US in order to get funding?

Do you think science needs to make money in order to justify its existence?

How are you with really abstract thinking?

If you were offered a spot on a one-way trip to Mars, would you take it?

Do you believe humanity's future is dark or bright?

Do you think that humans are required to sleep in the bed we have made for ourselves, with science?

How are you with technology?

Do you believe everything in science has to be immediately useful to be worth investigating?

Do you mind having to explain your work to people who don't understand it?

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About This Quiz

Science as we know it began with Aristotle in ancient Greece. The basic method of science, that of observation, is one of the few things that binds all areas of science together. Science is a good deal more than just bones and space. Science can be divided up first into the broad categories of "pure" science and "applied" science. Pure science is intended to explore the boundaries of human knowledge for its own sake, often producing the tools we use in our technology. Applied science does not seek to understand the universe and how it works so much as it attempts to harness the knowledge we have of how things work in order to make products and systems of our own that work.

While applied science and pure science are different, neither is more important. Without pure science, applied science is not possible, but without applied science, pure science is useless. Add to that the many areas of study within each hemisphere of science and you have an area with countless permutations of the same specialties, and subspecialties where larger specialties intersect.

Who are you really? Could you hack it as a scientist? Would you be breaking boundaries or just writing accessible best sellers for the average man? Would you be exploring space, or just coming up with cool uses for GPS? Take this quiz, and know.

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