Quiz: Scramble for Africa Quiz
Scramble for Africa Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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In the 19th century, the interior of Africa ("The Dark Continent") was largely unknown to Westerners. But in just a few years, many Europeans laid colonial claims to Africa, sparking a mad dash for land and riches. How much do you know about the Scramble for Africa?

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Why did the Scramble start only in the late 1800s?
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In the 1880s, what word best described the colonization of Africa?
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Before the Berlin Conference, only one country really made any attempt to colonize Africa's interior. Which country was it?
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Belgium was a true force in European politics in the 1870s.
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The Europeans were licking their chops at the Berlin Conference, everyone looking for a piece of the pie that was Africa. How many countries were in attendance?
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The conference developed rules called the General Act, which prohibited what practice in Africa?
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At the conference, how did the leaders divvy up Africa?
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Which European country ended up with some of the richest portions of Africa?
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How did the conference address the Niger and Congo Rivers?
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The Scramble resulted in several wars between European powers.
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How did Africans respond to the sudden widespread colonization by Europeans?
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Before the Europeans arrived, what was much of Africa like from a political standpoint?
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France allowed Africans to become involved in the colonial governments of French colonies.
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Many Europeans believed that the colonizations were a huge benefit to the natives.
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In the face of overwhelming European firepower, how did local kings address the problem of colonization?
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The Battle of Omdurman was essentially a battle between British troops and local tribes from which area?
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At the Battle of Omdurman, the natives outnumbered British forces 2 to 1. How did the battle end?
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How did many Europeans treat Africans?
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By 1914, Europeans owned almost all of Africa.
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Which country helped to found Liberia?
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Africans heard stories of India gaining its independence from Britain. How did this news affect Africa?
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What happened to Germany's colonies in Africa following World War I?
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Why did Britain give up many of its African colonies after World War II?
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Africans were distraught when Europeans came in and sliced up their lands. When did some of these African nations finally begin regaining their sovereignty?
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Many white settlers were essentially abandoned when their home countries gave up colonies. What happened to the settlers?
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As the world wars died down, how did independence come to many African nations?
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