Quiz: The Ultimate Seal Quiz
The Ultimate Seal Quiz
By: Staff
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There are many different kinds of seals, each with a different size, shape, color and behavior. Some seals are smarter than others, some seals diver deeper than others, some like warm water and some like the icy waters of the poles. Take this quiz to learn more about seals.

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In which ocean are most seals found?
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How heavy is the largest adult seal?
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What is the oil from seal blubber mostly used for?
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How deep can seals dive?
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What is common among all eared seals, but rare amongst earless seals?
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Many seals migrate long distances. Which seal prefers to stay close to home throughout the year?
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How old are harbor seals when they start to swim?
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Which is the biggest pinniped?
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How long can an elephant seal stay under water without coming up for air?
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How are the pups of a harp seal sometimes referred to?
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Where do ringed seals give birth?
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Where do Baikal seals get their name from?
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How man species of southern fur seals are there?
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At what time of day do fur seals sleep?
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What is the similarity between a seal lion and a lion?
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