Quiz: See If You Can Identify These Common Land and Sea Creatures!
See If You Can Identify These Common Land and Sea Creatures!
By: Kennita Leon
Image: beppeverge/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Land and sea or surf and turf; this wonderful planet of ours has a variety of animals, all of whom have to make their home somewhere. Whether that's on the land or in the sea, or if they can switch between the two, each creature is different and has its purpose in the grand scheme of things. But as easily as you can identify a dolphin or a bison, do you really know your land and sea animals as well as you think you do? Let's examine this further.

If you know evolution, you'll know that some of the animals that were once sea creatures now live on land and vice versa. Animals have adapted to the changes that have happened to this planet. Thus, what may today be a lizard living on solid earth could eventually become a sea dragon, or something much closer to a crocodile. But we're not here to talk about what happened in the past. We want to know the names of these creatures as they exist today. We're going to talk about where they live now, and not whether they moved from sea to land. 

If you think you can correctly name these creatures, let's get started on this quiz. 

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A delicacy worldwide, which sea creature is this?
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Which animal do you see here?
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More than 250 species of this animal exist. What is its name?
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They come in a wide variety of colors. What kind of fish is this?
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Can you tell us the name of this creature?
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Usually eaten during Thanksgiving, what's the name of this land-dwelling animal?
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This animal can regrow its limbs. Can you tell us its name?
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Which sea creature is this?
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They hop around Australia quite a bit. Which creature is this?
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Do you think you can tell us the name of this land animal?
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It doesn't actually have an apparatus on its back, but it is a huge sea mammal. What is it called?
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These birds love to strut -- well, at least the males do. What are they called?
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What is the name of this mollusk?
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Found in fresh and salt water, which snake-like animal is this?
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Which name does this land animal go by?
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This striped, horse-like creature is quite beautiful. Can you tell us what its name is?
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It can make its quills stand up when it's threatened. Which animal is this?
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These animals live plastered on top of each other in the sea. What are they?
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Can you tell us the name of this water-dweller?
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Some make pearls while others don't. But what is the collective name for this animal?
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What's the name of this dangerous sea animal?
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This animal has no eyes or a heart, but it lives. What is it?
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They get their color from the algae they eat. Which creature is this?
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This animal can live both on land and in the sea. What is it?
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These elongated fish are hunted all over the world. Which name do they go by?
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They store fat in the humps on their backs. Which creature is this?
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Can you tell us what this is called?
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They look like shrimp but aren't. What's their actual name?
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Do you know the actual name of this land animal?
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They can roll up into balls for protection. Which animal are we referring to?
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These animals are attached to the sea floor. What are they collectively called?
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Which land and sometimes sea creature is this?
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What would you say is the name of this lizard?
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Some call it a dolphin, although it isn't. What is the correct name of this sea creature?
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Do you know the name of this intelligent sea mammal?
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Known for their grace, this beautiful animal is hunted all over the world. What is it called?
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Can you match the animal pictured to its name?
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Supposedly the biggest mammal on the North American continent, what is this animal that sometimes gets mistaken for a bull?
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This creature is somewhat like a chameleon of the sea. What is its name?
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They are small but contribute greatly to marine life. What are they known as?
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