Quiz: See If You Can Name the Capitals of All 50 States and We'll Tell You Which One You Belong In!
See If You Can Name the Capitals of All 50 States and We'll Tell You Which One You Belong In!
By: Atrimis Charvet
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

There are certain things that most of us learn when we are young and then we forget a whole lot of it. Consider, for a moment, the names of all the U.S. state capitals. You might have learned them once, but how many can you still rattle off now? The thing is, it just might reveal a whole lot about you if you can name them all, just like it might mean a lot if you can't. We aren't saying these things are good or bad, just saying the results of this quiz might tell you a lot more about yourself than you think, such as which state you should live in.

Now, we aren't saying that you have to live in the capital itself - you might know that the capital of Maine is Augusta, but you probably would way rather live in a cool little city like Portland, or an awesome coastal town like Camden, than you would want to live in Augusta. You might not believe us, but it is true! And don't even get us started about Albany. 

But hey, we've gotten off topic. Maybe you should take this quiz on state capitals and we can tell you where you should live.

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