Quiz: Settlers of Catan Quiz
Settlers of Catan Quiz
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Think you know your way around the board game Settlers of Catan? Take a 20-question quiz and prove it.

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Which country does the board game Settlers of Catan hail from?
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Speaking of Germany, which of the following is NOT a hallmark of German-style board games?
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Who designed Settlers of Catan?
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Enough with the generalities. Let's see how much you know about game play itself. How many tiles make up the island of Catan in a typical game?
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How many terrain types dot the island of Catan?
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What's the name of the ominous black figure who begins each game in the desert?
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What roll of the dice does the Robber need in order to spread mayhem in the game?
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How much does it cost to build a road in Settlers of Catan?
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How much does it cost to construct a city in Settlers of Catan?
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Looking to get some more points? The largest army card enters the mix after the first player uses this number of soldier cards.
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Some players like to shoot for the longest road card, too. That helpful card comes into play when the first player achieves a continuous road of how many pieces?
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How many victory points must you accumulate before you can declare yourself (not obnoxiously, of course) the winner?
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If you do prove yourself crafty enough to win a game of Settlers of Catan, what title do you assume?
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Catan's massive popularity has led to many expansion sets and special editions. Which of the following is NOT an expansion set for Settlers of Catan?
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In what year does the sci-fi variant of the game Starfarers of Catan take place?
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There's even a Bible-themed Catan! What is its official title?
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Occasionally, characters and events inject outside influences into special editions of good old Catan. Which of the following IS NOT an actual release?
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Mayfair Games published a special-edition version of Settlers of Catan that contained what kind of game pieces?
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The year 2005 saw the release of a new Klaus Teuber game about The First City of Catan. What was the name of this city?
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What does Settlers of Catan go by on Xbox Live?
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