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When does a man's testosterone production reach its peak?

A typical male will reach his peak testosterone level in his late teens, though his sex drive will stay relatively strong into his 60s.

Which of the following is known to inhibit a woman's sex drive?

The sex drives of both women and men are closely tied to their overall mental and physical well-being. Depression, fatigue and stress can all throw our bodies -- and our libidos -- out of balance.

Which of the following is NOT a common cause of diminished sex drive.

Hard work, by itself, isn't considered an impediment to sex drive. Working to exhaustion, however, can be.

Generally speaking, which of the following will NOT improve your sex drive?

While gradual weight loss should help elevate your sex drive, yo-yo dieting will further stress your body and likely impede your libido.

To improve intimacy in the bedroom, partners should consider which of the following options first?

Intimacy begins with sharing, and a heartfelt conversation is the best way to get started. Not that there's anything wrong with candlelight, roses and a little wine (or sex toys, for the more adventurous).

Prescription medications are often lifesavers. However, some can put the lid on your love life. Which of the following are known to impede sex drive?

While prescription medications for depression, high blood pressure and cancer have proven successful in treating the primary disease, they're all known to have a negative impact on libido. Consult your physician.

If you suspect that your sex drive is suffering because you're depressed, what course of action should you avoid?

Depression can be an all-consuming illness that requires a positive outlet and often medical intervention. Rarely is alcohol and depression a good mix.

How does menopause affect a woman's sex drive?

While the onset of menopause is tied to a reduction in estrogen production, which can reduce sex drive, the freedom from worrying about pregnancy can often give women a renewed sense of sexual liberation.

How often should couples be having sex?

There is no "magic number" for the frequency that couples ought to be having sex.

Which method of childbirth will result in a faster sex-drive recovery for the woman?

Childbirth can have a huge impact on women's sex drives, regardless of whether they deliver vaginally or via Caesarean section. In both instances, women can expect a recovery time of four to eight weeks.

Body image can sometimes leave men and women feeling less attractive in bed. Which of the following options should their partners avoid?

While suggesting dieting might be perfectly legitimate between loving partners, the bedroom is not the place to do it.

Men or women with a higher sex drive than their partners have a right to demand having sex more often.

"Demanding" sex for any reason is never a good idea in a relationship based on mutual respect.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction always have low sex drives.

Erectile dysfunction shouldn't be confused with a man's desire to have sex. The two are separate matters, often with very distinct causes. However, if left untreated, the condition can eventually put a damper on a man's libido.

Men with erectile dysfunction should follow which of the following options?

Exercise is beneficial to overall health and sex drive, though some ED issues require medication. Discussing the issue will help partners avoid feeling responsible or rejected.

Stress is one of the major enemies of a person's libido. Which of the following is NOT a terrific solution, in terms of improving your sex drive?

Research indicates that most people with healthy sex drives strive for balance in their lives between work, play and family.

Given our hectic lives, it can be next to impossible to find time for sex. What's the best option?

Masturbation is certainly an option, but it doesn't enhance the intimacy of your relationship. Scheduling sex might seem contrived, but it also shows your partner how important lovemaking is to you -- and the relationship.

Parenthood is a challenge, even without trying to find opportunities to reconnect with your partner. Which of the following is not a reason for low sex drive among new parents?

While not the most enticing chore of parenting, changing a baby's diaper shouldn't interfere with your sex drive. Plus, a clean, comfortable baby will sleep better, giving you a chance to reconnect with your partner.

Sometimes a stalled libido is the symptom of a very mundane occurrence. Which of the following can be responsible for a lagging sex drive?

An occasional lull in a person's sex drive is commonplace and often has very common causes. Boredom, an upset stomach, and yes, even headaches, can lead to a temporary dip in your libido.

Feeling like you have an unrequited sex drive can be a frustrating experience. Who should you talk to first to set things right?

While doctors, therapists and confidantes are all important, they're not supposed to be the person you're in a relationship with. The most important person to talk to when you're feeling sexually unfulfilled is your partner.

Which of the following can affect your sex drive?

Conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer can suppress hormone production. Also, some anti-cancer and anticonvulsant medications can have adverse side effects that can impact sex drive.

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