Quiz: The Ultimate Shark Teeth Quiz
The Ultimate Shark Teeth Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

If you're going to collect something, why not shark teeth? Many shark teeth are prehistoric and have a fascinating look to them. Take our quiz to learn more about the fun you can have collecting shark teeth.

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The shark tooth capital of the world is located where?
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How many bones does a shark have?
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What happens to a dead shark's remains over time?
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What materials are shark teeth made of?
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Approximately how many rows of teeth do sharks have?
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For how long does a shark usually keep one tooth?
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For how long do scientists believe sharks have been roaming the depths?
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How long does it take a shark tooth to fossilize?
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What protects shark teeth from oxygen and bacteria while they are in the water?
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The most valuable shark teeth are those of which shark?
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What is the average length of a great white shark?
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What was the average length of a megalodon?
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How big can a megalodon tooth be?
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How much can a megalodon tooth weigh?
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The six to 12-inch drop in the floor of the sea, where the surf goes back into the sea, is known as what?
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Is there a particular time of day that's best for fossil searching?
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Which American town is known for having many of the largest megalodon teeth in the world?
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The Jimmy Buffet crowd enjoys using shark's teeth for what?
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