Quiz: The Ultimate Sheep Quiz
The Ultimate Sheep Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Some people count them to help them sleep, while others wear their skins to keep warm or enjoy their meat. No matter what, sheep are popular domesticated animals. Learn more about these creatures by taking this quiz.

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Is there a similarity between sheep and cattle?
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How can you tell a wild sheep from a domestic sheep?
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What is the natural inclination of sheep?
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If you are offered mutton, what are you about to receive?
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How much can an adult ewe weigh?
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Can the fleece of a sheep be tan in color?
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Which sex of sheep have horns?
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How many breeds of domestic sheep are there?
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And how many of these breeds are economically relevant?
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Which breed of sheep produces the finest wool?
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From where do most breeds of meat sheep originate?
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What is the outstanding characteristic of the Hampshire breed?
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What breed of sheep is raised mainly for milk?
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At what age are lambs raised for meat slaughtered?
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