Quiz: The Ultimate Shelf Organizing Quiz
The Ultimate Shelf Organizing Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Cluttered shelves is something we all have to deal with sooner or later. To gain insight into ways and means of organizing, take this quiz.

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What is it that gives joy to bibliophiles?
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Can you think of what could cause a book lover frustration?
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What effect can rows of books wedged together in formation have on the beholder?
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In which other room in the house can baskets provide discrete storage?
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Now you have the basic organizational structure, how can you refine the system to make it more efficient?
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What is the best way of arranging your most frequently used reference books?
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Designer Allison Spears apparently favors the distinctive blue boxes from a posh jewelry retailer to hold stuff and act as a focal point. Is this absolutely necessary?
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