Quiz: Shop at Bath & Body Works and We'll Reveal Your Next Travel Destination!
Shop at Bath & Body Works and We'll Reveal Your Next Travel Destination!
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Bath & Body Works was founded in the year 1990 (August, to be exact) in Ohio and opened its first store in Boston, just a short month later. Twenty-seven years into the future and the brand now has over 1600 stores, including one in Kuwait. 

The brand now sells different body care items like mists (for men and women), shower gels, candles, home fragrances, and lotions, to name a few.  It also has different collections such as the Signature Collection, the Aromatherapy Collection, and even a Retired Scent Collection, that is mostly available online. 

The brand has been a success not just because of their fantastic prices, but also because of their downright delicious scents. No one is exactly sure how they do it, but it's best to assume that they are gathered from all over the world. And this is where this quiz comes in. Seeing as how Bath & Body Works (allegedly) takes tours around the globe to find ingredients for their products, we want to do the opposite by sending you on a shopping spree around the store. Then, we'll tell you which country you should visit. Any idea where Sensual Amber will take you? 

Fun fact: Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret are both owned by the same company: no wonder everything smells so good! 

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